Dec. 27, 2018

Integrity And Honesty

by William Goehler (author's profile)


from The Scientology Handbook

1. Read the article "Moral Codes"

2. Give an example of a moral code.
* The Constitution of the United States.

3. Essay: What is an overt?

* A harmful act or a transgression against the moral code of a group. When a person does something that is contrary to the moral code [HE HAS AGREED TO], or when he omits to do something that he should have done per that moral code, i.e. Irresponsibility.

4. What is a withhold?

* An unspoken, unannounced transgression against a moral code by which a person is bound - A withhold is an overt act a person committed that they are not talking about (eg: Keeping it on the down-low?). It is something a person believes that, if revealed, will endanger his self-preservation. Any withhold comes after an overt act. Thus, an overt act is something done; a withhold is an overt act withheld from another or others. cf. Suppressor

5. Read the article "Justification"

6. Essay: What is meant by "justification"?

* The attempt to lessen an overt act by explaining away how an overt act was not really an overt act. cf. DED

7. Practical Exercise: ...find several examples of someone employing the social mechanism of justification. Continue doing this, until you can easily spot examples. Write up what you did.

* Today I learned that President Trump threatened to "shut down the Government" if the Democrat dominate Congress doesn't allocate a Border Wall budget, which Trump had earlier determined Mexico would pay for. The same President Trump who denied immoral infidelity - hush money. The best example though, of looking through the [False?] news reports to find several examples of someone employing the social mechanism of justification, is to identify the Merchants of Chaos who are drumming up skepticism and therein disabling tax-paying slaves from holding Public Servants to account! W/C JUSTIFICATION; explaining away the most flagrant wrongnesses. Most explanations of conduct, no matter how far fetched, seem perfectly right to the person making them since he or she is only asserting self-rightness and other-wrongness.

[news cutting] The way the media attacked Brett Kavanaugh clearly displayed how vicious they are when they don't like someone or something. They are filled with hatred. They are not sound-minded.

8. Practical Exercise: Write down an example of an overt or withhold that you have observed. Then figure out a consequence of this overt or withhold on the person himself or the people around him.

* Media Magnates orchestrated from Rockefeller Center's Associated Press, thrive on the chaos! Overts and withholds produce confusion which tends to overwhelm Understanding, and consequently promotes the Dwindling Spiral and/or DED's! Or, Suppressive Reasonableness. All O/W's are the product of irresponsibility! Ergo, displaced blame in the case of President Trump, criticising the lying news, borne out in fact as it may be, Trump is nevertheless powerless to rise above scrutiny. Freedom is for honest men! The least free person is the person who cannot reveal his own acts and who protests the revelation of the improper acts of others. On such people will be built a future political slavery where we all have numbers - and our guilt - unless we act, to rise above sub apathy slavery. The consequence of O/W's are of course Blows in one form or another. Much like the Second Phenomena of MUs, people who prefer NO RESPONSIBILITY (O/W) become overwhelmed and degraded/disabled. Their existence becomes as apathetic or as unhappy as their environment produces sufficient "challenge" to make them feel "inadequate" TO BE CAUSE and care for that environment.

9. Read the article "Blowoffs"

10. Essay: Explain the mechanism behind sudden and relatively unexplained departures from jobs, locations and areas.

* To justify irresponsibility and its consequential individuation and eventual departure, the person blowing off from situations, dreams up things done to him, in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to.

11. Read the article "The Overt-Motivator Sequence".

12. Essay: What is the overt-motivator sequence?

* The overt-motivator sequence is based upon and is in agreement with Newton's law of interaction that for every action there is an equal and contrary reaction.

12 cont.
W/C * OVERT-MOTIVATOR SEQUENCE, 1. if a fellow does an overt, he will then believe he's got to have a motivator or that he has had a motivator. 2. the sequence wherein someone who has committed an overt has to claim the existence of motivators. The motivators are then likely to be used to justify committing further overt acts.

13. Practical Exercise: Think of at least two examples of the overt-motivator sequence you have seen or experienced. Write up what you did.

* The earlier example of President Trump threatening to Shut Down Government Services, and/or Merchants of Chaos drumming up skepticism, are safe points to address - right? But on a more personal note, let me dare address those closer to home - in my zone.

* In a Tone 1 SP Society, Prisoners, in their DB-ness, are very much Criminal in their Computations. Alas, in order to disseminate Son. Tech. to low-tone amnesiacs, I've found advantage in establishing low-tone ARC, vilifying organized religions/authority. All the while mocking-up this condition of Enemy game, in agreement with not being subjugated by religion, I'm very well aware that Students must encounter the condition of doubt in order to start on the bridge of rehabilitation. Games trap though, so DB residue tends to key-in serfacs of GPMs therein, and corresponding dramatizations mock-up Betrayal potential in readiness to Help, which in fact creates the betrayal of withdrawing. Funny how that phenomena occurs, isn't it? i.e. Contagion of Aberration.

14. Read the article "You Can Be Right".

15. Read the article "Writing Up Overts and Withholds".

16. Practical Exercise: Find someone you know who would benefit from writing up their O/Ws... write up what you did.

* The first thing I did was consider how difficult this assignment will be here in prison. Even criminal thetans are always right - in their own estimation. Indeed, as the check-sheet stipulates: Overly critical people justifying their actions - does in fact indicate something is wrong - with Responsibility as for Being other determined at least. Yet, in the survive or succumb options, I usually back 2.0 as a MU spARC of life willing to consider apparencies. Whereas, vis-a-vis 1.5 to 0.5 cases disconnecting from 2.0 PTS, indicates a disabling Second Phenomena scenario, viz: Almost anyone, no matter his position and no matter what is wrong can remedy a situation if he or she really wants to. When the person no longer wants to remedy it, his own overt acts and withholds against the others involved in the situation have lowered his own ability to be responsible for it. Therefore, departure is the only apparent answer. To justify the departure, the person blowing off dreams up things done to him, in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to. It is an irresponsibility on our part, to permit this much irresponsibility. So I went on considering how in the world can I say to JR, DK, JB, EE - my SPO Team - that: YOUR SILENCE IS DEAFENING!? Some of them appear in apathy after attempting to apply domination tactics, while holding Authoritarianism and third dynamic suppressors more important than first dynamic scrutiny of third dynamic dimensions of responsibility. The fact is, ivory tower paladins appear to have very little to no-responsibility in the DOC's war, where tax dollar create social misfits and the Psych Dept. flourishes! The Price of Freedom is a willingness to fight for right - so I've declared overts of omission and suppressive reasonableness are my foes! All overts are a product of irresponsibility. Overts alone are the biggest reason a person restrains or withholds himself from action. Alas, considering the long standing knowledge that "in the presence of O/Ws no gains (improvements) occur", I must maintain that it is my responsibility to persist as the SPO protagonist, as I see it. Knowing that language is the symbolization of effort, my intention dares others to say what's on their mind so that they can see what they think they're saying. Consideration, 3. the highest capability of life, is part of the Price of Freedom, you see? The only solution to stupidity is through exact consideration. For the Love of Truth! Yet, individuation makes stupidity difficult to expose for scrutiny... unless altitude permits comm. The Danger Formula is the only way my SPO Team will ever Emerge through the Emergency Condition and achieve Normal within KSW. I've proposed that before and I propose it now. This is what I did.

17. Read the article "Honest People Have Rights Too".

18. Final Essay: Final Course Results

* The benefit of this work was in refreshing my awareness of tech. above apparencies. The mission of a techno-space society is to subordinate the individual and control him, by economic and political duress. The only casualty in a machine age is the individual and his freedom. So as a Prisoner with SPO purpose, my Integrity and Honesty are the only things I have left to lose, and I can't afford that loss! My hypercritical carping on responsibility is often taken as offensive indicators of making others wrong as a sort of cover-up... and the corresponding ARC break confusion tended to weigh on me. But truth be told, my OCA graphs show much improvement over these past five years roller coastering. I have not blown-off comm-lines, and I continue to create SPO games - even when other people appoint me their executioner. A man with a clean heart can't be hurt.

Yes, I authorize all or part of this work product to be published.

W Goehler 12/13/18


Words often have several meanings. The definitions used here only give the meaning that the word has as it is used in these ( ) references.

(3) Moral Code, 1. that series of agreements to which a person has subscribed to guarantee the survival of a group. 2. a series of solutions to problems which have not been confronted or analyzed.

(4) Suppressor, the impulse to forbid revelation in another. This of course, being an overt; reacts on one's own case as an impulse to keep oneself from finding out anything from the bank, and of course suppresses as well the release of one's own withholds. So it is more fundamental than a withhold. A suppressor is often considered "social conduct" insofar as one prevents things from being revealed which might embarrass or frighten others.

(8) Dwindling Spiral, 1. one commits overt acts unwittingly. He seeks to justify them by finding fault or displacing blame. This leads him into further overts againt the same terminals which leads to a degradation of himself and sometimes those terminal.

(8) Sub-Apathy, a state of disinterest, no affinity, no reality, no communication. There will be social machinery, valences, circuits, etc but the person [cut off by bottom of page]

(6) DED, 1. an incident a person does for which he has no motivator - i.e. he punishes or hurts or wrecks something which has never hurt him. Now he must justify the incident. He claims that the object of his injury really DEserveD it, hence the word DED, which is a sarcasm. 2. an overt act without having a justification for it in the first place.

(8) Second Phenomena. The second phenomena is the overt cycle which follows a misunderstood word. When a word is not grasped, the student then goes into a non-comprehension of things immediately after. This is followed by the student's solution for the condition which is to individuate from it - separate self from it. Now being something else, the student commits overts against the more general area. These overts of course are followed by restraining self from committing overts. This is followed by various complaints, fault finding and look-what-you-did-to-me. This justifies a departure (disconnect), a blow.

(8) MU, Mis Understood

(10) Individuation, a separation from knowingness

(13) DB, Degraded Being

(13) ARC, Affinity Reality Communication

(13) SerFac, Service Facsimile. 1. these are called "Service" because they serve him. "Facsimiles" because they are in mental image picture form. They explain disabilities of how a person is not responsible for not being able to cope. Part of the "package" is to be right by making wrong. 5. an action method of withdrawing from a state of beingness to a state of not beingness - intended to persuade others to coax the individual back into a state of beingness. 6. that computation to make self right and others wrong, to dominate or escape domination and enhance own survival and injure that of others.

(13) GPM, Goals Problems Mass. 4, the Problem created by two or more opposing ideas which being opposed, balanced, and unresolved, make a mass. It's a mental energy mass.

(16) Third Dynamic, the urge toward existence in groups of individuals.

(16) First Dynamic, the urge toward existence as one's self. Individuality expressed fully.

(14) DOC, Dept of Correction

(16) Altitude: 2. a difference of level of prestige - one in a higher altitude carries conviction to one on a lower altitude merely because of altitude.

(16) Comm, Communication

(16) KSW, Keeping Scientology Working


The confusion or inability to grasp or learn new material is because a person goes past a word that was not understood. The confusion comes AFTER a word the person did not have defined. Therefore, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. A good dictionary is most advantageous!


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Erne2017SPO-T Posted 1 year, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 6 months ago   Favorite
I guess you never received the 8" Fan, 3x shorts, and ginger snaps. Walkenhorst delivered to your facility on 20 of December????

William Goehler Posted 1 year, 5 months ago.   Favorite
(scanned reply – view as blog post)

Erne2017SPO-T Posted 1 year, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
Hello Whispers: Thank you FOR writing this
Ginger snaps, synchronicity and Thou's always amaze me on how you handle tone levels and your intuition. Very interesting applications. Very Theta. Now, how did I know to send ginger snaps...theta waves... I think. I'm learning to tune in to my first thoughts and act on them. Seems to happen a great deal now that I finished those actions at our Church. I love it. Most of us learn to stuff our first feelings back and so then we lose that theta ability. My first thoughts are usually intuitive and yet I don't act on them. Now I am understanding that theta wave.
I guess I get a little confused on your sizes of shorts...but I am very happy to know they fit you. 4x
So, don't be dismayed at your 2019 Birthday gift that should arrive on the 15th this week. I know food is your immediate needs but I chose to send you something that will last longer and may give you some comfort. I do hope they fit...please let me know.
You mentioned a while back about how cell phones are stopping people from communicating in front of them. Out of Present Time so to speak. You also mentioned that not much feedback on your BtBs site here. We'll I am old school and lived through the rotary dialing on a phone and so I am not much for using the computers either. I am bifocal and my vision with glasses makes me have to kink my neck to view the screen. And so I am not apt to write much on the computer. I have a cell phone and daily I try to leave it home or hide it. I just don't like being glued to technology. It interferes with my senses. Yet, here I am using a cell phone. It almost becomes a demand from others for me to answer it and I refuse to talk to all the incoming calls I get. And now cell numbers are out for the grabs and the solicitations for business is out of control. Numbers come up on my phone, thank God for called ID) and I can at least see a number. I delete them and then put a block on them.
I have a landline which you call me on. I get better reception on it for hearing. It is hard to hear you sometimes and not because of your voice injury. Otherwise I'd add that number for you to reach me. I don't like talking on the cell at all. I mostly use messages to get comms from VM office and some folks I keep in touch with. I bought the cell in 2005 to help me when I went to Mississippi to help in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. I really appreciate the phone while traveling a lone at my age. It has aided me many time when I had truck problems. And it is wonderful for helping find restaurants, motels and gas stations while traveling. Everything is so different using cell phones. But I do find that it has many disadvantages in communications like your OBNOSIS you told me about when you were out of the facility for a medical cycle. It is very consuming of my energy I don't use it for fb. oops I'm out of character space for this msg.ML Erne love you WG. xo

Erne2017SPO-T Posted 1 year, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
(cont'd. I guess one can only type so many characters and it ends the space to type in.)

So, I am caving in and writing to you on BtB today because it is your special day and I am very pleased you came onto this planet this life time. Despite your situation I can see from your snail mail letters and your posts that you have advanced spiritually tremendously this life time. You are intense for most folks but I totally get and duplicate who you are and what causes a being to have problems. You have accelerated despite your prime property estate you dwell in. As you have mentioned you will take what you have learned and go into infinity with it and create your future experiences...I once told a friend the bigger the Being the bigger the situations one will face. How to resolve those problems without harming others is the trick and what Scientology is helping us learn. The Greatest Good for The Greatest Number is what I ask myself when trying to resolve something. It takes the emotions out of it and it gets handled gracefully. Theta-wise. And so it is... The more I learn in my studies the easier life gets in making decisions and in helping others. So I thank you for helping all those inmates you have helped in your sphere-of- influence. Helping to put good energy out into the noosphere as you so state. You are such an educator in your own right. Well SIG, it has been a pleasure to know you and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I just wished your family would know how special you are and that you have knowledge that needs to be shared with them to help them along life's paths. May the Gods bless you and keep you well so you can help many more beings to awaken to their true innate selves and know who they are and why we are here. Much love, Erne xoxo

Erne2017SPO-T Posted 1 year, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
I just re-looked at the Walkenhorst invoice of 12/18/2018 and it says 3x for the shorts. So can you please tell me what size is comfortable for you. I almost sent you some thermo undies. lols. The weather reports sez it is cold there now...

Erne2017SPO-T Posted 1 year, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
I just re-looked at the Walkenhorst invoice of 12/18/2018 and it says 3x for the shorts. So can you please tell me what size is comfortable for you. I almost sent you some thermo undies. lols. The weather reports sez it is cold there now... I am glad the 4 x fits you. are they really 4x. if that was an error at Walkenhorst then is was a good error. hmmm

William Goehler Posted 1 year, 4 months ago.   Favorite
(scanned reply – view as blog post)

William Goehler Posted 1 year, 4 months ago.   Favorite
(scanned reply – view as blog post)

Erne2017SPO-T Posted 1 year, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
12 March 2019
Hi: Artsy Ant is on its way to California, signed by Scott, the author. PO man sez arrival time will be no sooner then Saturday via media mail. I dropped note on fb msg to KS to let him know it is on the way to his home. Have you written to KS since I sent his address? Let me know how that cycle goes??? ML Erne

Erne2017SPO-T Posted 1 year, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
Hi William my Friend:
Recieved your beautiful piece of Art of the sunset. It is stellar. Brightens up my life and my home. Brings me back to living in the Florida Keys for 20 years. Seeing those sunsets and rises every single day. I love the purples you put in. For some reason it makes the whole art feel different. I just love it. And thanks for remember my birthday. It was such a real treat to receive this just before I turn 75. omg. So very glad you finally made a touchdown with TEE course from Sarah. I look forward to your sucess in that course. Plus your sending me two new inmates ext course to grade. We are making some history here. JR really loved the PR course you did. I sent two copies to LA for there use. You amaze me every moment. I intentionally sent that course because I knew you would do it very well. Thanks for all your efforts. It is a show piece for the other beings to see. I showed it to Carmen's husband at Criminon. You put much a smile on his face. Great to know SK is doing a course too. Much love and admiration for your ability to help others. You are in a tough neighborhood, and yet you always manage to seize a moment to wake someone up. carpe omnia with your art toooooo.

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