Jan. 2, 2019

Compassion Place

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Compassion Place

Hi how is everyone? I want to briefly touch on 2 things. One, Heather73, I responded to your last message, you can email me at robertpezzeca@gmail.com
And 2, I want to discuss Compassion Place a little bit more. I am also attaching about 7 pages of photos that were sent to me by Compassion Place so that I could personally see what was brought for the family. I was so impressed and touched. Reading that 2 kids are asking for beds, it brought tears to my eyes and I was so very happy when Jen told me they are getting beds! Compassion Place is a new nonprofit organization that just wants to help people. So maybe you'd like to be involved, if so, contact info will be following. But for those of you's who read my last post about Compassion Place, here are some pictures of presents that CP bought for this family for Christmas.
As one of the board members of CP, I am hoping next year we are able to help another family but it all comes down to fundraising and donations. So if you are able to help at all, this is a deductible donation. I'm sorry that I don't have time today to talk to you more about CP but please check out the site and learn more. Also check out fossilsandfeathers.org
Take care and God Bless.

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8 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


A Giving Tuesday fundraiser was held to make sure the two children will have new beds. Several people in the community came together to help fill this need.

They are beds-in-a-box from Amazon (pictured above) and will arrive to your home via UPS delivery.

Please call or email us with your address so that we may order them when it is convenient for you, and have them sent directly to your home. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!


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Girl, age 11 gifts
Clockwise from bottom left:
Black yoga pants
Art Kit
Bluetooth Headphones
Sewing machine
Pink Shirt

page 4/8

Girl bedding (age 11)
Sheets + mattress pad (gently used)

page 5/8

Boys gift
Clockwise from bottom left:
Black Track pant
Robotics Kit
Bluetooth headset
Drone w/ camera
Athletic shirt

page 6/8

Boys bedding
Mattress pad
Comforter Sheets

page 7/8

Mom's gift
Clock wise from bottom left:
Black socks
Sheet set
Purple pajamas
Hat + Gloves
Kindle Fire tablet
Nail Polish

page 8/8

Grandma's gift
Clockwise from bottom left
Kitchen towels, washcloths, oven mitt
Bath Towels for whole family
Bath scrubbers for whole family
White bath washcloths
White socks
Adult coloring book + Colored pencils
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot


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