Jan. 13, 2019

2019 Off To A Great Start

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)



On the first day of this year - the power went off!

Now, that's no big deal, for most people - but here, in prison - that can be very problematic. Chaos usually ensues. The gangs and all around junkies, pushers and addicts, all act out, with the officers trying to run everyone in for a lock-down before someone gets killed. Thankfully, since I'm in a special "programs unit" that is full of - mostly good guys with clean records - I don't have to deal with too much drama.

Monday, I got in from work, checked my email first, and found that Candice had wrote - I'd been worrying over nothing; she was just busy with the holidays and family, as I should have known - and I was in the midst of sending her a response when the lights blinked, I cut the message short, and sent it on its way seconds before total blackout.

Never made it to the phone for any calls.

I would have called Jamie and Emily to talk and see if CJ (Collin Johnny) was around. But, no power and no phones for nearly 24 hours

The building does have an emergency backup power source - for obvious security reasons - and it allows a low level of power, enough for one outlet to still work in our cells, which meant I at least could still watch my 13-inch LCD TV (they use very little power); my lamp would not work even, just a little hue from it, yet my TV worked fine. So, on New Years Eve, I watched the movie "Valley Girl". It has one of my boyhood crushes in it, and I love her blonde hair and the smile she has is to die for

All-in-all, it was odd, but not a bad day.

I'm looking forward to this year.


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