March 7, 2019

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by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)
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Personal Journal

I find that some people, no matter how long they've been in prison, haven't learned the rules about writing.
#1 Never write two women at the same time. If you do, don't mail them in the same mail pick up. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the same pickup. The guards have been known to accidentally, or on purpose, get the letter in the wrong envelopes. :)

One day, I can spell wrong. The next day I can't even look it up in the dictionary. The next it comes right off the top of my head. I spend a lot of time looking up words in the dictionary. Some of them I have right, some I don't. Some I just write down wrong, something to do with my brain to hand correlation. Between them, the letters move. :) Or it could be that I'm not pronouncing them correct.



I've got this new celly. He seems to be alright. He knows how to do cell time. He cleans up after himself (mostly :)), he bathes.

His bad point is he wants to get up when I do, at 4 AM. Then he's in my way. This is my alone time. My time to write, my time to contemplate, my time to meditate, my time to daydream. Stare at the stars in the sky, watch the sunrise, and sometimes cry. My quiet time.

Not much going on in my world right now. So if I didn't have anything to complain about, I would have nothing to say. I do have a ducat for one doctor or another today, so I'll have something to do.

It's an ordeal to go over to central health. It's all about waiting. You have to wait at the gate for an escort over there, wait in the holding tank to see the doctor, then wait for an escort back. But it's better than going outside to see the doctor. When you go out, they put this box on the handcuffs and keep it on you all day. The boxes are known as torture boxes. The last time I went out, my hands were swollen up for a week.

We have no hot water here yesterday. So very few people showered. Count me in as one of them. The cold water in this cold weather would have my bones making me cry. I did a bird bath—hot water from the hot pot in the sink. It helps. There was some warm water when I washed up this morning, but no hot. It soon went away. :P

I want to wish my little Mel a speedy recovery, my sister/my friend.

I did see the foot doctor yesterday and had a corn cut off. Foot right at the instep now that pain is gone. :) So I can't use that as an excuse not to walk faster. :)

I won't be going out today. It is pouring out there. Has been for most of the night. I love it, but I'm just going to watch it through my window. :) It's supposed to rain the next three days. Maybe I'll get some reading done or maybe I'll just stare at the rain and daydream of my Jeannie. Write a poem, draw a picture, get lost in an old memory. There's always something to do on a rainy day.

Have I told you lately that behind all those clouds, the sky is blue and sometimes there is a rainbow? I'm always looking for the rainbow. Because I know my love is at the other end.



It is raining. It is still raining. It rained all day yesterday. There was soft, there was hard rain. There was windblown rain. I don't mind most rain. As a matter of fact, I like most rains except windblown rains. It gets right up in your face around your glasses and into your eyes. It gets inside your raincoat and socks, your clothes, right down to your underwear, and makes your skin wrinkle up and—oh my God, the shrinkage.

Now, I like long walks in the soft rain with my Jeannie's hand in mine. Maybe even a soft sea breeze, drinking white lightning from my grandpa's silver flask. Maybe finding a place to sit under cover and watch the rain landing in the ocean's water. Afterwards, make our way home to a warm shower. You were right, my love. The shower was not made for two, but how cozy it was.



I got your second letter last night, only two days after the first. You're right. I was climbing the walls. You know how much I worry. I'm going to get this in the mail today. Have already started letter to you, Mel, and Theresa.

It's not raining now, but it did rain during the night as the ground is freshly wet. Not sure if it's supposed to rain today. I watched the weather report after dinner last night, but my mind was somewhere else. Worry, worry, worry. That's me. :)

Nothing much happening here right now. I'm doing well for 72. :) I'm still waiting for that damn package Starbuck was supposed to send my way. It's been at the prison since the 5th.

Hey, people. I'm out of body wash and almost out of soap. How am I going to wash my back end? :) That's all for now. Leave a message.


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