April 11, 2019

Personal Journal

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)
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Personal Journal

I know I keep saying I'm going to write less about my health, all my ailments ? :), except to say I'm still alive today and I was able to get out of bed on my own. :) The other thing is the weather. Mostly I love the weather. Every day I can get up is a beautiful day. I love the rain when the wind's not blowing it in my face. I love listening to the rain and watching it outside my window. I love driving in it on tree line streets. I love parking in it with my lady and listening to its music. I love a cool summer breeze and the spray of the water hose to cool me down. I love the sounds of the birds singing on cool spring morning as they continuely work to build their nest. I put things like this, the weather doesn't seem so bad to talk about. I had a bounce in my step yesterday as I walked the track. I was moving fast feeling my love walking with me keeping a smile on my face. I write things like this writing about my health it don't sound so bad. Now I could write about the food here but even thinking about that turns my stomach. :) I will say something about the food - a joke really. :) The food here is so bad that no one hardly touches it - overflowing the garbage cans most nights. The warden took one look at it and decided we were getting more than we could eat so he cut the rations in half. :) :) :) :)


I don't know if it's hot in the cell or if it's the heatrum I've been puting on my lower back and left leg. I've taken off my sweat shirt. I don't know what time I wake up anymore - I know it's early. I wake up coughing + gagging from the fluids draining from my lungs. It coats the inside my mouth and throat. I didn't get out bed until 4:25 and it took me 40 minutes to get cleaned up with coffee in hand ready to write. And now that I'm ready I'm not sure I have anything interesting to say. :) Who am I kiding I've always got something to say. :) Interesting :) maybe :) to someone :). If I can get a smile or even a what. :) That's interesting. :) Am I evening spelling interesting right. :) Looked it up interesting. :) :) So it wasn't that funny. I did get a couple of blog messages from my heart this week (56 years) seems like just yesterday we were just two teenagers hanging out downtown. [heart] I have been feeling like doing a lot more lately. Painting + drawing a lot more. Of course it's a lot more fun (easyer) to paint something someone has ask for. Right now I'm doing a little 3x6 still of a chair with a vase with roses. This last letter got here on the 25th and I got it on the 26th - that's fast for here - it was in the U.S. mail for about a week. :) I have a series of clowns to do - just need to find the right clown. :)


Last day of the month and it's shaping up to be a nice one. It's suppose to reach 70's today, it got close yesterday and felt warm. [sweatdrop face] After all the rain. The Veterans had a [??] on the yard Saturday, burritos, chips, sodas + stuff. Of course there's free food Steve's going to stop in and get some. A lot of people there give me the creeps. A man can't look you in the eye when he's talking to you (no matter what he done in the past) I can't trust him and don't want him to get anywhere near my back. I know - I don't like/care for a lot of the people here anyway but at one time there were a few people here I felt comfortable to hang out with - maybe even a couple of them had my back - I must be getting old. I have to remember to take these allergy pills with my other pills in the morning - my eyes are watering, my nose runing and I just woke my celly up with a loud sneeze. :) Spring - beautiful - allergy. My allergys don't last long and they're not bad because I've got pills. :)


Some kind of holiday here - the only thing I can think of is April Fools. :) I had to tell my celly to get back on his rack this morning - standing around staring at nothing like he's on some kind of high power [??] meds. I may have said something about puting these size 12 quadruple Es on his ass. I let him upset me now I'm upset at myself I should have more control of myself. Discombobulated.


A light rain going outside - it started raining Weds just after 10 and rained some the day before, none of it enought to keep me inside - soft walking in rain. :) I finished the still of the chair + roses - got another clown to do but first I want to paint this bus 'Florin School Bus'. I have to pictures one from the back one from the side - not sure which one I want to do - maybe I'll do both of them. :) If anyone sees any pictures you think I might enjoy painting here's my address.

Steve J Burkett
C-11-120 Low
P.O. Box 409060
Ione, CA 95640

I feel like I've been beat up this morning like that time I fell off the truck, got run over by the hay bailer, rolled off into the canal, James threw a bucket tied to a rope hitting me in the head - Allen said I was lucky because I didn't drown. Of course - once I was out of the canal no one could stop laughing except me - who's laughing now! I miss my brothers - leave a message, a song + dance - a joke to make me laugh with you. :) :) :) [heart] :)


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