April 14, 2019

First 2-weeks at Kewanee

by William D. Linley (David) (author's profile)


Date: 4/07/2019 5:57 PM CDT
Subject: First 2-weeks at Kewanee

Hi, an update for all my fans and friends. We can talk more direct and catch up separately. Always look forward to your emails.


TV has become irrelevant. There are DVD's and a library full of books that can be checked out for entertainment... I am so busy it is impossible to carve out a few hours to watch a movie or read a book. On the first day I heard some guys complaining how bad the cable was. Then I heard the Warden later say, you're not here to sit around watching TV. Brilliant! They give you an abundance and then sit back and watch you choose what is important to you. They said this is a study... Now I understand why there are three (3) psychiatrists, three (3) Social Workers and a bunch of Counselors here along with a gazillion cameras. Normally a prison has one Psychiatrist for three (3) prisons and three Social Workers for 2000 inmates and of course nothing gets fixed. Can't upset the revolving door.


Sadly, I've noticed that some guys just don't want to change. It's so obvious! Guys that do change, begin at whatever prison they are located. They get here and instantly recognize the opportunity to change course in life? The knuckleheads that were on a criminal agenda in other prisons bring that same attitude here and can barely maintain self control. Like rats, they're scheming and seeking every opportunity to do something underhanded.


Today is Sunday and I've had to tell myself three (3) different times to just relax, rest, do nothing. Tomorrow begins a new week and I want to hit it running. School is going well and easy enough so far. I am working with the veterans here to create some classes on Patriotism and hopefully culminate this in September with a Patriots Day ceremony for the whole facility. First, we need the Wardens okay, which will be in the next couple weeks. Then to get the support of local Reserve centers for a ceremony here. Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Later, wdl


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