May 30, 2019
From Innocence Betrayed by Raymond D. Cooke (author's profile)
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(March 23, 2018)


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Dear Steve,
Gee, here it is is the end of May 2019 and I've just a few days ago received your comments through Between the Bars. If I'd known, I'd have replied a lot sooner.

So, let me give you a brief background on me and my current situation. I very much, like you, are 63 this coming August. I've been locked away here at Old Colony Corectional Center at Cme Administration Road. (Prison ID #W88794), Bridgewater, 02324 for the past ten years. I have written my real address so that you would be able to contact me directly here.

Have you lived in and around the greater Boston area for long? I ask this because you'd stated you worked for the MBTA. And again, sorry for not being aware and responding sooner.

I'm an ole cast off originally from Beacon Hill and the Boston area in general. I'm assuming that you have read some of my posts attempting to get in touch with my adult children. This is after 25 years, when I walked out of their lives in the fast lane and ended up here. :( Please don't mind the spelling...

I wish I had a positive note to share regarding being in these places. Oh sure, I've had a lot of time to reflect back on not just the bad but the good as well. I sometimes think to myself, it is those memories that keep me going. Sure, I've taken every type of group and class in order to pass the time, learn about myself, and the errors of my ways. This, of course, allows me to look in the mirror and put my thoughts and beliefs straight.

But enough about my misguided youth. I'll share anything you feel necessary to ask so you'll have a clear picture. Me, just having someone out there that may at some point care is all I ask. Just know these places are so very hard on one's emotions and outlook.

So, with that said, feel free to write to me here directly or if you're not comfortable with that, continue to write to BTB. Know that I am honest and upfront. I only ask you be the same with me.

Thanks for listening. Look forward to hearing from you.

Be well,
Ray Cooke


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