July 14, 2019
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4 July 19

Just in case you're wondering about the "definitions" I'm posting the following A through Z for you to consider and discuss with me here. You may also learn more at www.twth.org, and then tell me what you think.

Definitions for


Extension Course

(C) Copyright 2003 L. Ron Hubbard Library. All rights Reserved

ACQUIRING To get of gather. (Acquiring money)
ADAMANT Hard, not giving in; insistent, refusing any other opinion.
ADMIRATION To look up to, think well of; give high value in status to someone. (Admiration for the President was noticed by others)
AFFECTED Influence or change on something or somebody; Stir the feelings of someone. (The movie affected me.)
APPLY To do something; Practice something after you learned it.
APPRECIATION Think highly of something. (Appreciation of music.) Recognize the worth of someone or something.
ARISTOCRACY Government ruled by an elite few who are above the law; those with special privileges, rank or position; a group who by birth of position are "superior" to everybody else and feel that the law applies to others and not themselves

BEAR Carry, hold up or support, put up with (bear the burden).


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Erne2017SPO-T Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 4 months ago   Favorite
Hi WG:
I don't know what this post means. who you are addressing. great glossary though.
I hope you liked your quarterly. I fb Travis almost daily. having fun. He sez your last few letters you is a happy. good to hear. I wished Destiny would write you. Any mail is better then no mail. Life is very busy here. Much to tell you. Just need to make the time. My roofed is leaking over all our papers in office. I had to move away from big desk. ugh. no fun. Been very heavy rain these days. Finally got the mower out yesterday in between storms. Weed whacking etc. I always wished you were here. So much you could do to help us expand at the 4th Dynamic Humanitarian programs. tons of volunteers needed. Travis's sister got a new aluminum goat yesterday. He is studying boat rules. looks like tons of enjoyment fishing and being in the enviornment. He seems quite tranquil. I sent him some Chaga mushroom tea. He sez it taste just fine. watches the hummingbirds every morning and drinks his morning Chaga or coffee. enjoying several cups daily. Wished I could send you some. seems many of the inmates that write me are artists and writers. written books. one is writing sermons.Did you ever get the new material RJ sent to your facility? 14 July 2019 4:26 pm. sorry about your phone call. I figured you were letting me know the package arrived from Walkenhorst. no money on acct. plus GTL did not come up on caller ID did not know it was you. sorry about clocks. not allowed in your facility. xo xo

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