July 15, 2019

Florida Department of Corruption

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 7/6/2019 9:12:40 AM

By Ronald W. Clark Jr.

Just when you think the FDOC is going to turn the corner, and become an ethical, honest Dept. with new leader ship, the bottom falls out!! And their once again exposed in another scandalous story, where their selling the inmates and their families out for profit. Yes just this past week, Securus aka Jpay, filed a law suit against the FDOC claiming the Dept is using us, and our families, in these contracts as a "slush fund." But this is nothing new, for those who don't remember, the FDOC was involved in shady and illegal contract negotiations, back in the late 90's early 2000's. Those were so egregious, that they sent then Secretary James V. Crosby Jr. to prison. Yes he went from head law enforcement officer, to inmate, disgracing this already tainted and corrupt Dept. And here we are again 20 years later, with the heads of the FDOC, negotiating FDOC contracts in a manner that doesn't benefit the families and friends of those behind bars, but is rather benefitting those in power.
This is exactly why this billion dollar monopoly on corrections should be brought to a halt. The FDOC, should be supplying all services and goods, as they did back in the day. Rather than selling inmates and our families out to the highest bidder. Which is exactly what Securus just exposed them of doing! Twenty first century slave plantation, yes....that's what this amount to! Selling the poor and uneducated on this auction block, to the highest bidder, just as they did 150 years ago with the black man! Nothings changed in this county, they just keep these slave plantations alive under the guise of corrections! But its blatantly obvious, that We, "the people," citizens of this country are being bought, sold and traded as a commodity in this billion dollar corrections industry. Yes the poorest... most valuable in society, is being taken advantage of, by not only our government, that's auctioning us and our families off, "to the highest bidder," but then We, the captive audiences are gouged with exuberant over priced phone services, food cosmetics ect ect. Yes all of which comes off the blood sweat and tears of the poor citizens, who have to provide the financial means for their loved ones in this twenty first century slave plantation! A Fifty billion dollar a year slave empire! That's what the Department of corrections has become. We need change, and it starts with our political leaders removing inmates and their families, from the U.S. stock exchange, taking us off the bidding and auctioning blocks where we are sold to these vultures, that scavenge over the financial means of the poor.
Securus, their just mad that they won't be able to scavenge and profit, little do they know, they shouldn't have exposed the bigger picture, and that is, they've been profiting off the blood sweat and tears of the poor, undermining these contracts with side deals, that should have been negotiated through the legislative process. The story can be found in the Florida Times Union. But I'm not sugar coating is, a slave is a slave. And we are being bought and sold into slavery!!
Regretfully submitted Your rebellious Slave to the Industrial slave market.
Ronald W. Clark Jr.


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