Aug. 9, 2019

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by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)
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So Many Intrusive Questions! (Part 2)
(July 2, 2019)


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Well, hellloooo Father John! :) Awesome way to comment, answering all those "intrusive questions." :) But I gotta tell you—I almost hated reading it.

Why? How could I say such a rude thing?

Well... it's just that reading your answers makes me feel small and silly after how I answered! You're to the point and almost the very definition of charity and good faith in your expressions. It makes me feel a little ashamed of my cynicism and anger and I guess, I have to admit it, my occasional sense of contempt and condescension. You know, I really wasn't always a dick. You remind me of how much better I could be. Thanks.

You're only 59? Man, the way you talk sometimes, you make it sound like you're old! LOL! Always implying death is peeking around the corner or something. But you probably have another 40 years at least! :)

Back to your answers... I have to tell you how much I admire your answer to that second to last question, "How does God speak to you?" That one above all made me feel a little... scolded. :) In a good way. I needed that. You're right... you're right.

You mentioned "snail mail soon." I'm guessing you were referring to the one I got a few days ago. I had literally just put that letter on my desk, my sign to get to it. Then this afternoon, I got this message from BTB. I'll be getting a letter to you soon. It's been a crush sort of week (trying to get a lawsuit settled, and a PI contacted, and blah blah blah).

So... TTYS! Thanks for the comments, as always.

Your friend,

P.S.: I'm pretty sure people still say "get a room." It's kind of a timeless idea, no?


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