Nov. 26, 2019

Your Dream Serves You Right

by William Goehler (author's profile)


November 13

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.
William Shakespeare

This very instant I throw my entire being open to fulfilling my soul's mandate.

Your Dream Serves You Right

So often we human beings define our dream as an achievement of the ego's superficial desires: "My dream is to live in Maui, have a six figure income, a perfectly toned body, a gorgeous mate, and drive a Maserati." You get the idea. Such dreams certainly may be fulfilled, but only to realize they are not fulfilling to the soul's deepest longing. The grand dream of the soul is to fully realize its inherently enlightened state. The dream of the heart is to realize its most expansive expression of unconditional love. The dream of the mind is to go beyond the intellect to intelligence and creativity. These aspects of self are not separate; they form one unified whole.

The hound of heaven pursues us through our dreams; it will not let us remain complacent, mediocre. It increases our hunger to know our true Self through the panorama of human experiences, including what we call disappointments, betrayals, challenges—all of which purify the ego's conceit. Our dreams serve us right. Why? Because they usher us into the purpose for which we have taken this incarnation. Our authentic dreams inspire and propel us in the direction of our spiritual liberation.

Your dream will nudge you until you acknowledge its pull. It will haunt you until you surrender to its call. There is nothing that towers over our existence more than our soul's mandate. And this mandate knows only how to serve you right.

In this very moment, ask yourself, "What is my dream?" Answer with your whole soul, heart, and mind. Give yourself the gift of embracing your dream; give your consent to it, have full confidence in it, because it serves you right! Then you will be free of the illusion that fame, accomplishments, or acquisitions can ultimately fulfill you, because your priority is now the dream of realizing your eternity.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

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