Jan. 21, 2020

It's Time To Celebrate The Late Sleepers.......

by Robert Thrower (author's profile)


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it's time to celebrate the late sleepers
& merry drinkers. the loafers &
slackers & slowpokes. the ones on
permanent vacation, unhurried &
unworried, the rose smellers &
growing grass watchers. what
harm did they ever do? how
about a cheer for siesta
snoozers & lazy losers, the
long joke tellers & deep toke
takers, life is too short for
conformity. let's give a prize
to the underachievers. the
shiftless shirkers, the less than
full potential workers, the laid
back quitters, the mushroom

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sitters & hookah huffers. they
never started a war nor enslaved
anyone. we could give a parade for
the noon time nappers & never do
wells, but they would sleep right
through it. so let's leave them alone.
they are slumbering toward a higher
calling, they are poets of their
own lives seining the sea of their
dreams for the meaning of bliss,
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