March 9, 2020

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From Exposing Corruption In Connecticut State Government by Richard Stevenson
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(Jan. 6, 2020)


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Whoa, what up Doc? How's everything going? I'm so glad to hear from you. How's your mom and grandparents doing? Dee, Darlene and Antoinette? Tell them all I had said hi. Man, I can't believe it's you. Wow!
I'm guessing that your uncle Robert got in contact with you to hit me up. This can't be coincident. So tell him I said thanks. Also ask him if he is able to contact our cousin Jean E. I was at another prison (Gardner) when she wrote me and I was transferred here before I could respond. I wrote at the Staten Island address she gave me but received no response.
Check it. Every state has programs for ex offenders to take advantage of. The money has to be spent or the funding gets cut. So what they generally do is mostly give white offenders the opportunities to take advantage of and not say anything to the wrest of us. There are also federal opportunities too. You have to be pro-active in finding them. But they are definitely there.
Have you ever seen the tall skinny white dude in a suit with a bunch of question marks on it on TV? He had an infomercial selling a book with stuff you can get for free from the gov't through various programs. Well, he obtained most of that info from a book published by the Government Printing Office. He can't resell the book himself so he published his own using the same info from the book anyone can get themselves ($60) and get everything he put in his book plus all that he left out. Or, you can goto any major library, read it there or barrow it.
You should really look into operating your own business. The state and federal gov't will assist you in that endeavor too. Go to the unemployment office. They have counselors who can help you out also. Check out the book store or magazine stand and pick up mags that specifically deal with small business opportunities.
Generally, commercial cleaning outfits are usually looking for dependable workers. They don't start paying much but this is what you do to learn a trade, and it's fairly easy stuff to learn. I'n stressing the fact that the key is to be dependable and trustworthy. The good money in this field is in management or ownership. You can take advantage because it is very difficult to find dependable people you can trust. This is why they don't pay much to start.
But there are fields you can go into that do pay well to start once you are properly trained. Keep in mind that there is funding to pay for training. Sometimes the employer is willing to pay for your training if you are dependable. Think about the jobs that most others don't want like cleaning sewers. You can get certified in Hazmat (Hazardous materials) clean up. Up here some employers will pay for your certification after being on the job for a certain period. That can get you $25/hr.
As fast as you can save up your money and by you a home. Many more opportunities to make money will open up to you then. Most cities have what they call dollar houses found at city hall. Read up on distressed properties. Go to a H.U.D. office and check out the many programs they have for you to earn income as a property owner. Know this David, there are thousands of ways to make money in this country. It's just a matter of finding out that they exist and choosing the one(s). It never occurred to me to be a C/O or work on an oil drilling platform. While in algebra class I once asked the teacher how will this assist me in life? She either couldn't or wouldn't answer.
David, with all that you read about what I've written, know that I don't want you to hate anyone, White, Black, Brown, Purple or yourself. But learn from everyone I come in contact with. That included you, Ricky and Shae.
As far as my physical wellness is concerned, I'm healthier than most my age in this situation. I go to the hospital to get cortisone shots in my back (yep, the needles are huge). If I get the shots before football season I can play. I also have to deal with the pain in my in my feet. I have no arches and tore a ligament in my foot in 2015. I have G.E.R.D. (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) - my food won't stay in my stomach, I'm asthmatic and have C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Permanent blockages in my lung passages), though I don't know how I got that one because I never smoked or did drugs. I'm not sure if I'll be able to play football this year because the pain in my feet are just too great.
Hey Doc, do you know why your mom let me name you David? It's because my mother was going to name me David but changed her mind and named me after my father. I also gave you your middle name but forgot why I chose that particular spelling. You'll have to remind me how to spell it. That will spark my memory as to the reason for it.
We'll be getting tablets soon and I'll be able to send you guys 30 second video clips and photos. In the mean time I want to correspond with you direct so you'll have to let me know how to do that. If you ever want to know where I'm at contact Connecticut Department of Correction. They'll tell you.
Richard Stevenson #156047
Cheshire CI
900 Highland Avenue
Cheshire, CT 06410

Oh, I just got your response on 2/14/20. It's now 2/16/20.

With sincere love,


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