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From Exposing Corruption In Connecticut State Government by Richard Stevenson
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Real Talk - the View of a Connecticut Prisoner
(March 23, 2018)


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To: [underlined] Robwil65
Hey, yo what up Shakey Bob? I just received your comments
on 1/28/20. It's 2/7/20 now (slow getting new ribbon). So what's
happenin' young Bro?...Yeah I'm still the oldest so I can call
you that (: Thanks for letting me know about Grampa Nate. I
really appreciate that.
As you can tell I'm quite active in trying to expose
corruption in this system. After over 26 years I'm still too
angry to allow fear to dictate my moves. As long as I am
unjustifiably here these sadists will feel my presence. Don't
get me wrong, I don't go out of my way to mess with these people
but like I said, they're sadists. The Black and Brown ones can
sometimes be the worst because they allow themselves to be used
by the racists to do the dirty work for them. So when they come
messing with me I expose the whole lot of them. The evidence
I'd uncovered showed that they should have been fired.
I am unbelieably grateful for this platform - Between The
Bars. They allow me to express to others what it's like being
here. It gives people the chance to see that despite what others
say we really are suffering, the guilty and innocent alike.
It's like constant torture. I try to make the best of this situ-
ation I work in the Marker Shop making license plates (yeah
that really is a thing) as an inspector. I make $1.20/hr. (avg.
about $100/mo.). There are only about 40 of us that work out
in industries here. Contrast that with the fact that there are
about 1300 dudes in this prison.
Tell the fam I said hi. I'm doing as well as can be expect-
ed. Remember the orthotics that we had to wear in our shoes
because we have flat feet? Well, they won't let me have any
in here so in 2015 I tore a ligament in my right foot jogging.
I'm going to have to sue them to force them to allow me to obtain
proper footwear. I go to UConn Med. Cntr. to get cortisone shots
in my back. The needles are long as hell. My blood pressure
goes through the roof just before they hit me off (175/105).
But it's better than having to deal with the pain which comes
from these people forcing us to be locked in our cells so much.
my celly is an all right dude. But he lies on me so much
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[page break]
you can guess what I call him...ROBERT! (: He and a couple of
others. Yeah I tell them about some of the whoopings we used
to get. I can tell he wants to wrestle me so bad to prove himself
just like you did when you realized that you were taller than
me (ha ha).
I'm good and really don't need anything other than to hear
from fam. We'll finally be getting tablets from a vendor called
JPay. You can go to their site to see what it's all about . I
think you can go to Connecticut Department of Correction,
MacDougall-Walker C.I. to see what features we'll get on the
tablets. They are just beginning to install here at Cheshire
C.I., so I don't expect to get a tablet before May. Write me
and let me know what you find there. I'm not sure exactly how
the e-mail thing is supposed to work. I think I'm supposed to
be able to send you guys 30 second video clips too. I have a
copy of the contract but I haven't gone through it thoroughly
A few dudes call me Slick Rick The Ruler because of my
winning record at obtaining documents under the Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA), though I did lose a few. The best case
I lost was when I attempted to get the arrest records of all
DOC employees. 2 C/O's were setting prisoners up with contraband
razors if they had a name that sounded Muslim. I'm not Muslim
but I knew that they would get around to setting me up too
because I have no problem writing them up when they're wrong.
So to protect myself I wanted to get their records and use them
at any future disciplinary hearing just like they would do in
regular court.
To make a long story short they refused to hand the records
over to the Freedom of Information Commission hearing officer
so that I could prove how dangerous they were to safety and
security. I was proving that these people should have been fired.
They lost their case and appealed it to Superior Court. I
would've won there too but they cheated. They went to a state
legislator to get him to introduce a bill to prevent [underlined and bolded] ANYONE
from getting these records. But the lawmakers would only make
it so that only prisoners couldn't get them under the FOIA.
I can get them by any other means including if I sued them
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[page break]
(DOC) for making the prisons unsafe by not firing these people
and obtaining these documents under the rules of discovery which
they would have to surrender in order for me to prove my case.
There is absolutely nothing they could do about it. After all,
this is the excuse they use to keep certain people with criminal
records from coming to visit us. But I won't go that far unless
I find it necessary in order to protect myself.
If you want me to teach you the process just let me know
and I'll type up a simple form you can fill out and send in.
The Freedom of Information Act is use to obtain almost any docu-
ment that the gov't possesses. I get stuff from the CIA, FBI,
US STATE DEPT., DEPT. OF JUSTICE, local police, et al. Its real
easy. Anyone can get a copy of that hearing from the Freedom
of Information Commission of the State of Connecticut on C/D
or ask for a copy of the hearing officers' report, Docket #FIC
2009-020. Yo Rob, it's a good read. Representing myself, I caught
them lying under oath. That's why it made the TV news and local
papers. CNN wanted to interview me but these crooks shut that
down lickety split. They wouldn't even allow me to call them
collect. So I ended up writing them.
C/O's at that prison were coming to the housing unit asking
"Who's Stevenson?" At 240ibs. NO ONE is intimidating me! The
real reason they didn't want me to have these records is because
some of these women were trickin' before they got this job and
married some of these dudes and the dudes don't know what they
got. Some of these dudes were out trckin', got busted and don't
want their wives to find out. But I don't care about any of
that stuff. I just wanted to be able to defend myself should
any one of them write me a false D/R.
I've got plenty more to tell you guys about so give the
fam my address:
Much Love,

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