March 13, 2020

Commutation in Pennsylvania

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Commutation in Pennsylvania
Hi, I want to talk about commutation today. Does anyone know what this is? I'll explain, it is a process that grants second chances to people through mercy and compassion. California Governor Brown granted over 1,000 commutations in his 8 years. In Pennsylvania, we're lucky to see 3 people per year get this gift of a 2nd chance. It's frustrating because the Victims Advocate Jennifer Storm has so much influence that she wants everyone to die in prison. She is the Director of the Victims Advocate office and she even objects to a person being freed after 3-4 decades in prison despite the fact that the family members ok the prisoners release. I'm baffled at how easily she is able to change the mind of politicians and voters. Our Governor did this state a huge disservice by renewing her for an additional 6 years. But how do we overcome this? She says she is fine with the commutation process but I guess she says that because so many of the board of pardon members refuse to vote YES even though most prisoners who go in from of the board are elderly, 35+ yrs in prison, model inmates who would make a positive impact on society if released. But once again, we go back to the republicans. Sadly, we are a republican dominated legislature and until we get rid of Donald Trump and the republican leadership, we will continue to fail in our efforts to transform the criminal justice system in Pa. Its horrible. Our Lt. Governor John Fetterman has made it his mission to change this board and I commend him for his mercy and compassion. He even hired 2 former lifers to work for him. George Trudel and Naomi Blunt. They are excelling in the free world. But how many more must die in here? Does everyone deserve to die in here who took a life or do we do the human thing and show mercy and compassion to the ones who have changed? We've all changed but some have become worse but most have changed and become outstanding people. Van Jones did it best when he began a program to bring victims and offenders together to being the healing process. Our victims advocate does nothing but fight against healing. Would it be beneficial for victims and offenders to meet, allow the victim's families to ask questions, get honest answers, I believe it would. I would like to sit with the man who murdered my fiancee and ask him a few questions. But where is her victim's advocate? Jennifer Storm fights back against compassion and mercy. The commutation process in Pa is almost impossible to obtain. I have no hope but I'll still try.
What does mercy and compassion mean to you? Do you believe in 2nd chances? Do you think a human being can change? Can someone who took a life ever become someone good? Someone worthy of a life again? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Pennsylvania had over 500 teenage kids under the age of 18 sentenced to die in prison. When the United States Supreme Court said they must be resentenced to allow for parole, our republican legislature and Jennifer Storm didn't pass laws stopping them from getting out so Why does someone who was 18 have to die in here? I just don't understand the logic behind it. It costs millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to keep people in here for life.
We currently have some amazing Democratic State Reps and Senators attempting to end the death penalty in Pa right now. These are the ones who should be in leadership roles. Pennsylvania is so focused on punishment, we forget about mercy, compassion, healing, we forget that so many were affected by our tragic crimes. So this brief post is just to open a discussion with regular people in society, how do you feel about commutation? Mercy? Compassion? Second chances? It is the human, kind, thing to do for someone who is worthy and deserving.
Please feel free to respond to this in however you honestly feel. If you believe in an eye for an eye, you're entitled to feel how you want to feel. But if you believe in change, then I do want to hear from you. I welcome all opinions and no one is ignored on my blog. I respond to each and every person, if you do not get a response it's because of our new mail system in Florida and it didn't reach me. I received some mail response directly from a woman in Florida named Sarah Hanson but since the address was so faded, I was unable to respond to her & I cannot look for her since I have no internet access. If you want your responses to be private and not public, please email me at: or sign up directly and email me at: I am Robert Pezzeca #DX1148 in sci Forest. One day I hope to be that same man while working and helping people in need. Thank yo for reading what I write. I look forward to your response. Ciao.


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Hi Rob its Joanne I hope you are doing well I have been praying for you to come back to Jesus. Im here because we need to talk about our daughter Krista and put all other things aside we both need to be there for her she needs our prayers and love and kind words in her life. I have been saved for 5 years street preaching on the street in Cleveland Ohio lets please put our issues aside. The enemy has a stronghold of our daughter please pray for her to come back to Jesus BC she was talking about going back to church and getting baptized now she has changed her mind. She is in a bewitched relationship she is not the same daughter we know. I pray that she will come back to Jesus before he returns. Rob my number 12167731165 if u need to contact me stay blessed keep trusting in God he has a purpose for you and your family. Bye for now. Stay strong and encouraged.

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