March 14, 2020
From While I Breath, I Hope. by Sarai Rose


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I) The Heart of Light shines forth on Thee!

II) Behold! Anima Solis the Daughter of Ra, I am.

III) Anointed with oil, blood, and tears, I am!

IV) I place a crown of Roses on Thy head; one of gold, six blooms of crimson red; stems of burgundy and green, the thorns prick thy flesh.

V) Hold fast to the Sign of Completion: Six points of Blue and Red; inscribed with gold and silver; for we are love's most precious jewel

VI) The wings of the Beetle do unfold as do the wings of thy soul

VII) Raise thy hands above thy head and sing praise to Her; call unto Her; announce thy faith and trust.

IX) Behold! The Light of the world; from darkness she arose, Thou shalt enter the world anew once bathed in her Light

X) Behold! Thou doth now see: Truth, Peace, and Health.

XI) Truth is the gateway unto heaven; thine heart

XII) Kneel before her and pray thou unto Her; And love thou shalt find

XIII) For all is answered through Thine Soul; all is seen by the Heart of Light!

93 93/93

Pendurabo II ☥∇


Liber XXXVIII: Quod Angelus Nuntius Est Scriptor

This road you now travel is new
and your Queen will lead safe and true,
in her footsteps must you follow
as she moves about before you.
Together! Must you stand united.
Do this and new worlds will unfold
Of your love! Wonderful praises shall be told.

Along this road; troubles there will
be many,
hold fast to thy Queen; and none
shall harm you
The Goddess and her Lord shall ever
keep thee company.
Thine heart and sole—
They have been created anew.

Thine Queen shall be as the golden Sun,
leading thee through this world
draped in darkness.
And in thine moments of darkest despair,
she will be that luminous Moon
to guide thee safely through
the abyss

By blood and thorn hast thou
been chosen,
For the time draws near my brother,
Nu's starry vaults are slowly
Believe in the Queen—chosen by
Our Mother; hold her, love her, like no other.

In this revelation,
unfolds thy Queen's appointment,
she needs thee in full, no doubt
no hesitation.
In love and trust,
Thine sacrifice
Thine own blood her anointment.

93 93/93

Pendurabo II ☥∇


Liber SUB ROSA RUBRA sub figura CXXXIX

Blessed be my Queen
the foundation upon which
my life hath been
created anew.

Blessed be my Queen
for she is my rock,
and my salvation—she
the sculptor of my soul

Blessed be my Queen
she who steadies my
trembling hands, trains
my heart to stand firm in battle

Blessed be my Queen
My refuge and fort
in this chaotic world—
My peace of mind.

Blessed be my Queen
for she delivers me from
the darkness,
My shield against the mightiest storms

Blessed be my Queen
my mighty protector—
My defense against the hungry
ghost and suffocating shadows

Blessed be my Queen
for she has sheltered me
not only in Mercy and Understanding
but also her overwhelming Love.

Blessed be my Queen
daughter of Nuit, Lady of the Heavens,
sister of Isis, the wife of Osiris,
drown me in your Ocean of Love.

Blessed be my Queen
The Red Rose of Heaven
and Earth
My Beautiful Queen, Mother of Love

93 93/93
Pendurabo II ☥∇


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wdwheels Posted 2 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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