March 24, 2020

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Date: 3/17/202 4:11:31 AM
Subject: Reply ID:ehqw

Morning Mrs T

Apparently this is part 2...

Getting over some angry feelings from yesterday...
I'll b alright after a good night sleep, so help me God
Well life Is contonuing round here. There's school but no groups though a staff member did run
our 4 giveness group! So the skinny is staff can come in but not outside volunteers! Even seen
that I'm on the list 4 video church on Wednesday.

Nothing else is new
Did perfect the shoe I was working on at work! Already a big hit with the men who seen it! Hey I
want a pair of those was the collective response! Guess I can say I am a fashion designer
officially now! Quite enjoyed hand stitching details in the shoe n reinforcing the midsole with
plastic canvas so that it would stand up like a real shoe! Depending on what happens at parole
n my finances I may invest in some yarn n !go 2 town making my own designer slippers even
put my logo on em! Yeah that'll b cool n a blessing 2 members of my family provided they send
me an outline of they shoe or foot. Know my nephew would loheart guess I know what I'm
getting him 4 his bday in September!
Speaking of which spoke 2 my Pops n him n my step mom loved the pillows I sent them last
week! Was happy 2 know Kim was able 2 make her name out as I put it into an artistic heart

Regarding the cutters in line! Thanks 4 ur advice. Reminded me that people reap what they
sew! N 2 let God fight my battles after all he never at it than me! Promise U that! Plus
experience has shown me that things always get chippy round my parole hearing! So I have
been embodying ur advice n saying a prayer 2 myself! Specially since sometimes I be in my
feelings n just want 2 not b here or least b able 2 say ""I got ... days left!""
Each day I do scars me 2 the point where I'm knowing
Technically I've done a life bit (20 years +)
Always tell people
I can't do 2 life bits!

Well there's no judicial precedent round these parts! The federal system has a point system
based on a number of factors like ur role in the crime,how much drugs u had,how much property
u can forfeit/assets u can fork over,if its ur 1st offence etc In the state system all bets r off. No
uniformity whatsoever!That's how I can get more time than a murderer or somebody with
multiple body's. just found out a guy who killed 2 people n took a plea 4 60 yrs just got paroled
after 27 yrs! Based in that logic one would think I will get paroled in a couple weeks seeing I got
23 yrs in on 75 yrs but in here 4 shooting a man one time after a robbery. But in the end I keep
doing the math n 2+2 ain't equalling 4!
So I have no choice but 2 trust God's timing n find a way not 2 grow bitter.
I put myself here but I can't put myself out!
God is judge!
My sentence is in his hands
Psalms 17:2
N 5 yrs ago he gave me a dream that I did 20yrs in prison! So I'm holding him 2 that though I
have no idea when the 20yrs started or when they end
So I hold me 2 my word
God I'll do as much time as u want so long as u with me

Thanks so very much 4 ur thoughtful words of encouragement. My heart needed 2 hear that.
Thanks mrs t. Much appreciated ur wisdom regarding existing in a microcosm. Loved how u
mentioned "" there's no room 4 evolution"" how try it is! Definitely my beef with the system! I
am unable 2 fulle evolve here!
Told em at one parole hearing
Feel like I'm stuck! In a diaper yet I'm fully capable of making it 2 the bathroom with out any
incontinence yet I'm denied access n told 2 go on myself cause I haven't Ben in the diaper long
enuff 2 appreciated not being in it!

My strength of character or whatever
Gods fault!
Sometimes I don't want 2 b as strong as I am but I can't help it...
Once wrote a poem line that says
Gotta b so strong 4 others, I never getta chance 2 b weak
Psalm 27:1
The lord is the strength of my life...
Know all that I'm going through is 2 refine me in the fire n prepare me 4 the great destiny God has 4 me. Amen Joseph comes 2 mind.

Shocked that 60 days in is strictly volunteer based. I was 4 sure that there's was some million dollar reward at the end! Specially 4 all they could potentially go through. Rather go on survivor 4 all that trouble can do without being bullied or jumped on,stabbed etc! Rather get bitten in the jungle lose my gut! N possibly win a million dollars or something! Least go on big brother n win $500,000 for 3 months of being there n playing games. I'm more than 60 days in n prison ain't no place 2 be volunteering 2 b! But I understand...
What is are? Got an idea but the words not in my dictionary!
Heard bout the Dog the bounty hunter guy!
Wish I could see the show n chop it up with u bout it but we don't get whatever channel it come on!

We don't get a lot of channels n definitely no cable!
Well prisoners have a lot of trick 2 the trade some obvious some unobvious like putting the phone in a coffee cup n going out the cell like u seen on the show!
Well since I was lil I always heard
Something bout the camera
Who doesn't want 2 b on TV?
We wee this with children on the big screen st sporting events. Soon they see themselves they blush n do a lil twist!
But what I've learned bout the beauty of the camera is even if u know its there after while u gone eventually b who u truly r
They got cameras in here n people still b people 4 good n bad!

Well think I'm gone send this n give u part 3 2 look 4ward 2
Spouse 2 learn how 2 really use this thing in the coming days from a roomate verse in technology



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