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Date: 1/28/2020 11:29:31 PM
Subject: reply id;pgya

late evening mrs tenzintenzin
as usually this will b in installments..
2 answer the statement ,me n my beloved loved 1's r safe;
happy is a different story at this point
dont wanna put nobody bizz in the street
but in the midst of they/mine unhappiness i trust that we r in the midst of jesus peace
a 2pac lyric comes 2 mind
"dont shed a tear/cause mama im not happy here
"no more smiles/no mo trials 4 a couple years..."

but im gucci admist this psychological warfare n mental violence among other things
chinese mind training comes 2 mind..

i understand ur sentiments on shows like ESCAPE 2 The COUNTRY
i have yet 2 watch a whole episode only cause i dont understand what the talkin bout in all
like x amount of pound $
if only i knew the dollar equivalent !
used 2 watch a similar show
found it fascinating 2 see celebrity cribs n possessions
imagined i could have the same if i made it as a big fashion designer !
but now i just want 2 buy a house with 2 bathrooms n a study.
refresh me on the word
heard it once on a tv show (the carmichaels)
but cannot recall the exact defini軀ĩdefinition
but do know that something 2 what u was speakin on happened in my home town
bought up the neighborhood round they head quartrs n built more company stuff
n drove property value of the once poor neighborhood
meanwhile hope u 2 get 2 own ur own home

afterall theres $ inside u

Date: 1/30/2020 10:35:33 AM
Subject: reply id;pgya

ok mrs tenzintenzin im back!
amazin that a house painters salary supported 21 kids! i tip my hat 2 him. n ur auntir sure that
many kids require an exuberant amount of love,patince,undivided attention... happy she had 3
ets of twins. twins r cool people ;) my dad's a twin...n growing up i always wanted twins,even
wished i had a twin. who knew god would bless me with a "twin" via my daughter ;) mayb 1 day
i'll have twins literally or adoptively.
u mentioned bein only 1of2 kids in ur house,did unview it as weird ?
did u set ur own heart on havin a plethora of image bearers?

i understand there r no rich/wealthy people in my family that i know of neway. do got a auntie
who doin good as a psychiatrist . god bless her n all that she has .
just like i was the first in my immediate family 2 graduate high school,god willin, i will be the first
to b rich. yes $$$$$$$$$ is in my future

ut o time 2 go 2 work,workin on a cat piece thats due in 2 weeks

Date: 1/30/2020 2:31:32 PM
Subject: reply id;pgya

ok im back,
just got off work

im blown away that the dream was so prophetic so exact,so spot on.
look at god.
in my heart wish i could visit least see a picture something
just 2 put a clipping in my dream journal
im flabbergasted that god even chose 2 show me that red phone box that used 2 b there 7 yrs
im in awe
then inside ur house looks like an art boutique ;)
mind u i also was shown from the dream that im 2 have an art boutique /work from home
more awe becomes me
as i read bout u livin on the rounded end of ur road
i thank god 4 this dream n the exact details he chose 2 show me n that he moved me 2 share it
with u
which confirmed that he brought the dream 2 pass
n that he still speaks thru dreams
god's been go◻瘣good 2 me :)

yeah i never new ENGLAND had a poor demographic ,we definitely dont get that on USA tv. so
i knw lol of it . i just knew of tea n crumpets ! the royals n the great british baking show! well did
have me a crumpet in the last prison i was in. was the first time I had it,wasn't that bad but i
expected somethin more...

welll more later im runnin out of time


Date: 1/31/2020 9:29:36 AM
Subject: reply id;pgya

its 9pm n im back
been doin some writing bout REENTRY so as 2 share it with a reentry organization .confident
they will b blessed by it. after all said they were looking 4ward 2 hearing it just from the preface i
sent weeks ago. long story short it goes into detail how reentry involves more than gettin outta
prison n reentering the workforce. $ dont solve all problems,

but don't get me wrong it definitely helps,so i'll have some ;)

i can relate 2 existing on welfare . so how much is the average check? here its based on how
many children u have yet each st8 varies the amount. according to legend wisconson offers
more than illinois per child,which is weird cause the cost of living is higher in ILLINOIS . well i
know bout food banks. used 2 have 2 go 2 churches/ community centers 2 get food vouchers
that didnt last very long with 3 growin boys in high school. course all the places were in
neighborhoods where everyone i knew lived. so guess who was talked bout even more durin
freshman year! i feel ur daughters pain . was likewise raised onthrift store brands n
handmedown who wears a joggin suit with a belt/rubberband. definitely take a toll on ur
selesteem. but im over it. do wish we had levis 4 $1 or a prada jacket 4 $5. cant say i wouldnt
have bought both then turned a profit! our thrift stores have non name brand n weird name
brand stuff like a los angeles lakes jersey thats orange n blak


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tenzintenzin Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite
Part one
Hello Antoine.
Hope you and those who you love are well. We are good here. My husband has gone to Kashmir for a month to visit his family. So it’s pretty quiet. When he visits his family he fills up suitcases full of clothes shoes, toiletries and stuff, He’s like a Sears and Roebucks! He seems to forget we are shopping in thrift stores and he’s returning hone like the prodigal son full of stuff they probably won’t use.
Gentrification is when you, for example like me, live in a poor or crime ridden area. Then rich people come and buy up houses cheap. Then when you want to move house, they bump up the rent so you can’t live there anymore, so you have to move. Then rich people come and start living in the area and bring their coffee shops, restaurants all that. Then the area changes. It can happen within a year. So all the poor people have to go find some place else to live and die in. It’s quite insidious. Buy a house for say sixty thousand dollars, and in a year same house two hundred thousand dollars.
The worst example I have personally seen of gentrification was in Brixton North `London. Rich people came bought a housing block. Renewed it, built a playground, put bars around the playground and refused to let kids from the council estate nearby (social housing) wouldn’t let them in. TV came filmed it and embarrassed them into letting the kids play together.
Regarding fiscal questions. One UK pound is One dollar thirty cents. Welfare rates, or benefits as they are known here start at about sixty dollars a week. Child benefit for each child is eighty dollars a month. Well it was until four years ago. Now you can only claim for two kids, they won’t pay for any more. In Ireland there’s no child benefits. My aunt who had the loads of kids did it on a mans paycheque. That’s how it used to be for everyone. Now you need two paycheque to cover rent and incidentals like food and electricity
GED is a great idea. We don’t have that here, We have end of high school exams, then you go to college, then onto university. I went to university, studied linguistics and English. Now you got to pay to go to university. In UK jails it’s free though.
My mum used to say my house looks like a museum, all my travelling buying statues and stuff for the walls. I travelled a lot when I was young. Easy to cross continents when you are located in the UK. Don’t travel now though. I would like to visit Korea. I like that culture. A few Korean people in London. Lots of restaurants, Don’t like the kimchi much! I’m into Jolly Ranchers sours at the moment, there’s a shop a town away that sells American foods like pop tarts and Swedish fish.
God does his magic in dreams. Remember the story of Jospeh who was enslaved by his hateful brothers and he had the dreams that the Pharoah listened to, about famine etc.
Part two to follow

tenzintenzin Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite
Part two
Hello Antoine
The person who cuts in line. That does my head right in! I remember as a child watching one of my aunts get into a fist fight in a butchers shop because someone stepped in front of her. It is not worth messing up your record or you face calling someone out in jail, say a prayer to yourself and leave them to step in front of the wrong person one day. Let someone else fight that fight for you. Don’t get into it. Let them step in front of the wrong person. Not you. You are stepping into parole....
In the UK the government can enact a law straight into your life. We had some riots a few years back. One guy picked up a bottle of water from the street, that another person had looted from a store, and got a two year sentence for it. We also have a thing called judicial precedent. So if someone did the same crime as you and got less time for it, you can appeal straight away and have your sentence reduced, You definitely got too heavy a sentence. Just keep plugging away at the parole hearings and you will get there. You are doing great right now. You are existing in a microcosm where there is a different rule set on the walkways and yards that you have to manoeuvre. Problem with a microcosm is there’s no room for evolution, so it takes a certain strength of character just to negotiate through this ordeal.
60 Days in. Is a fantastic show you must watch. They put volunteers into county jails across USA and get them to try and find out how contraband is getting into the jails. Drugs, phones etc. Some of the people they have are awesome. They had two guys who were ex marines, tough as hell. And they have to negotiate their way around all the pod bosses the shot callers all that stuff, Women prisoners too, They had one prisoner who was beat up for pretending to be a marine. Another one got beat up by this freakishly tall gang member for pretending he was in his gang. One of the volunteers thought he was Dog the Bounty Hunter Acting like a tough guy, Said he was a private detective. Couldn’t find his own arse with both hands. He tapped out early, it was hilarious. They found the drugs. One of the women C.Os was a bully she was filmed doing her thing and got fired, Prisoner sneaky though. When their cell got shaken down, they just put the phone/drugs in the coffee cup and walked out the cell with it. The freakishly tall gang member whose name was ‘Too Tall’. A CO got hold of him, and this guy was two feet taller than anyone, CO wrestled him to he floor like he was a toddler. They knew they were being filmed but still acted up. One of the volunteers started going stir crazy and he became a pod boss, complete with slapping people!!!!
Your book idea would work better online than in paper form. Plus people are downloading their books now, through amazon kindle. Part tthreee

tenzintenzin Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite
Part Three
Hello Antoine
I am going to tell you something that will blow your mind regarding my Bible buying day. So I went to a charity book shop and found a stack of bibles. There was a huge one, size of the phone book, massive.and I was looking through it and it fell open and guess what? This Bible was from the late 1800’s. Victorian, and someone had hidden two paintings inside it. They were watercolours that someone, probably a previous owner had hidden inside. So I pointed it out to the shop owner and they got excited about it. Don’t know if they were valuable or not. But I must have been the first person who saw those painting for over a hundred years. I’m looking for a bible that someone has annotated, written inside, made their own personal notes among the text as to what they are getting, or leasing about what they are reading. What I should’ve done was paid for the Bible and not told anyone about it and just did my own research. But it’s a charity shop, so would’ve been a sin. Still looking. Going to London soon. They got some great old bookstores in Charing Cross road, near Trafalgar Square. There’s so many different types of Bible. Especially since the invention of the printing press. I like the family ones, where they write the entire family tree inside the front cover.
Wow today on the news there was coverage of a brand new documentary about Tupac Shakur, revealing that he didn’t die in the shooting, but escaped to a Native American village to live out of the public arena??? The guy made a film about it. Even Elvis didn’t have that much cash and clout. Dave Chappell did a skit on his show regarding the conspiracy story that Tupac released music after he died, No one can fake their own death today even the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t manage not to get murdered, and his wallet was bigger than most. If I was a CO on his wing I think I could be persuaded to give him the key for the exit door!!! Have you got any famous people in your jail?
Regardin* the shoes. Keep sending them letters. Repeat weekly if you can. Someone, the right one, will open it. Common is a good idea. Reverend Run, Russell Simmons, KrS1 Phat Farm, Writing on shoes I think will be a coming trend, I can see it developing. People want people to know who they are and where they stand, religiously, politically and culturally. Shoes with clues!
Regarding the coffee lie. In UK jails there is a saying. “Don’t feed the pigeons”. It means when you start giving people in that confinement space things, they take it for granted, Stay to yourself. Do your own time.
Well that’s all for now.
Can you post up your doc number and the name and address of the facility you are in, I can’t find you on the internet.
Look after yourself and those you care about

Antoine Murphy Posted 11 months, 1 week ago.   Favorite
(scanned reply – view as blog post)

kaydeetu2 Posted 8 hours, 46 minutes ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

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