April 2, 2020

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by Charles Douglas Owens, II (author's profile)
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The Hidden Cost of Incarceration
(Jan. 4, 2020)


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Thank you, as always, for your comments.

Prisoners are not supposed to be for-profit institutions, but many are. All private prisons are literally for-profit corporations. The counties that own regional prisons operate those facilities in a manner that nets a profit for the county. And even state prisons operate as if they were a for-profit corporations because administrators receive financial bonuses each fiscal year based on how much money they saved!

Moreover, as you know, almost every service in every prison is contracted out to private for-profit corporations. The food is inadequate, substandard, and in many cases dangerous to consume because food service is provided by a private contractor that wants to maximize profits. Healthcare is inadequate and substandard because medical care is provided by a private contractor who wants to maximize profits. Prisoners' commissary services, phone services, account management, and more are all provided by private contractors seeking to maximize profits. Thus the "prison industrial complex" that we read, talk and write so much about.

In my opinion, ALL prisons, healthcare providers, and public service agencies should be non-profit institutions. PEOPLE will neer be prioritized by for-profit corporations making profits off of people's needs.

I'm all for capitalism and businesses making profits; but those models have no place in public safety, public service, or healthcare. People must be the priority in those sectors, not profit!


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