April 2, 2020

Condemned Yard #1

From Write or Die by Byron Wilson (author's profile)




By: Rainbow Child 3.24.20

Today I was sitting next to a standing youngster on the yard, I was reading portions of our work, and asked the youngster for his opinion about which direction I should proceed as I laid out 3 different scenarios for him to consider.
This is a story about homophobia on California Death Row, and straight ally victims.
The youngster began to advise me about what he thought was best, when all of a sudden, he pulled his pants down complaining about how a sore on his thigh was irritating him, and asked me to look at it.
I was like, "Bro, pull your pants up, I'm black and gay, and you are straight of another race, we are on a Deathrow exercise yard and..."
The youngster cut me off and said: "I don't care about these fools out here or no gay shit, I'm trying to show you this shit."
I said: "We got known informants videoing these yards trying to make a fast buck by selling videos to the media vampires, and trying to maintain their informant reliability states by turning your "pants down" into "gay shit," into "sex shit."
After a brief exchange, the youngster pulled his pants up, and although he didn't say it, I have to admit the "elephant in the room,"
Us LGBTQI+ people want others to allow us to be ourselves around them, but straight people can't be themselves around us without a lecture, lesson, or an "EVERYbodies looking."
So while we are being open, about who, and what we are, we often forget that our straight allies also experience the same discrimination because of associating with us, in an environment crawling with the so-called Deathrow Gay Taskforce, inmate secondary investigative informant agents videoing the yards like the vampires in the enclosed photo.
The irony for me is that at one time, during the time this photo was taken, all 3 of us in this photo was sexually active with each other, notice the full arm on my leg in this photo, but 2 things happened, the dark heavy set one didn't appreciate only watching while me and the younger one in the glasses made love without him, and the other reason I left the to each other was the darker one wouldn't tell his wife about us because said e couldn't afford for her to get mad and put him on blast for being "Jailhouse bisexual," especially since she was arrested and in the newspaper for smuggling drugs into San Quentin, and was cooperating with prison goon squad officers to inform on other inmates.
So on one hand, he's afraid that his own wife would put him on blast and leave him if she knew about all 3 of us being sexually active on the yard, but then turn around and forced me off of the yard by providing the officer's false homosexual activity information about me, please see pages 20 & 21 of Arande Press Line Neo-Urban Gatekeeper's to issue.
For CDCR-115 Rule Violations
Report @:

South Chicago ABC Line Distro
P.O. Box 721. Homewood, IL.

And to this day, his wife still doesn't know, and she is still allowed to visit him in spite of him saying that her visitations are apart of an agreement based on her continued cooperation with correctional investigations of other inmates drug mailing activities, search newspaper article, it has a photo of her in it as well. After I explained all of this to the youngster today, he said:
"Wow, that makes sense because the keep staring at us between the gates, at first I thought you was just being all drama, but bro what is he like talking you? Why video you out here? Those fools are weirdos"
I said:
"Yep, I think that's why the cops tell us not to hang our yellow bags on the gates because that's how they are videotaping the yards, see it?"
Youngster said:
"Thats crazy."


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kamrynmarie123 Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month, 1 week ago   Favorite
Thank you for writing! I really enjoyed hearing about some of your experiences as a gay black man in prison. I enjoyed transcribing this for you.

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