May 24, 2020

The Day The World Changed

by Shawn Perrot (author's profile)


April 9, 2020

Even I seen it coming,
months before our first confirmed case.
I watched as it ravaged China,
A look of horror painted across my face.

Our elected officials,
all pretended not to notice,
With some in complete denial,
especially POTUS.

When we finally received the news
of our first confirmed infection,
Even our friends refused to listen
to pay any serious attention.

They gathered in groups,
both large and small.
Partying and laughing,
throughout it all.

They went to work and to church,
completely unaware.
That they were spreading the virus,
throughout the air.

Most would become infected,
never once showing a sing.
They'd pass it along
to people who'd later die.

Mainstream media,
they'd eventually take note
They'd report and sensationalize,
critique and gloat.

The infection count would mount,
the death toll would rise.
And through it all,
Trump would feign complete surprise.

They say the worse is yet to come,
yet people still ignore the warnings.
Pretending it won't happen to them,
as they watch their neighbors' mourning.

As bad as it gets out there,
it will be worse behind bars.
There's no way to socially distant,
as crowded as they are.

Prisoners beg for help,
for compassionate release.
To help their loved ones,
or to die in peace.

But no help arrives,
and no release is given.
Into further isolation,
everyone becomes driven.

As of yet,
the end's nowhere in sight.
So people hope and they pray,
with all of their might.

"Please don't let me get infected,
I don't want to die alone.
Isolated from friends and family,
away from my home."

Shawn L. Perrot CDCR# V-42463
CIM C-Del Norte Upper; 246L
P.O. Box 500
Chino, CA 91708


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