July 5, 2020
by Tony Justich (author's profile)


June 28, 2020 @ OSCI

Hey World!

First off, let me start with a nonpartisan public service message:
"You shouldn't have to choose between your RIGHT TO LIVE and RIGHT TO VOTE. Get and complete your absentee ballot today for the November Election."

Now for the partisan stuff. I'm pro-Democrat because there's no other way to get Trump out of office. No third party candidate has ever come close to winning an election, while they have done a good job handing elections to Republicans (refer to the Ross Perot debacle). I tend towards the liberal and into the libertine area, but more liberal is better than no liberal. Bernie wisely stepped aside to ensure we can get Trump out. That should mean something. It shows a lot of character on his part in doing so.

Current polls are showing a slide in Trump support, but this can lead to a false sense of security (look at what happened to Hilary). So, to all liberals, moderates, and conservatives who want Trump gone... please vote!

I've been participating in an EXPO project to encourage people to vote. I'm pretty close to my goal and have asked a friend to look up contact info for people I've had dealings with, in the past. If he comes through I'll be able to reach my initial goal of 20 eligible voters. I'll probably try for more, but info is hard to come by in here.

I'm looking forward to taking a paralegal course if it's possible. I'd eventually like to start a law clinic... drafting petitions, memoranda and other legal docs, but especially for the people in disadvantaged positions (poverty, incarcerated individuals etc.). There's a lot of people needing legal help that can't afford a decent attorney.

Oh, and I just filed a reconsideration motion over the denial of my sentence modification. The modification was asking the judge to stay my 5-year consecutive sentence for bond jumping and place me on probation instead. It's based on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic decreasing my life expectancy. I have asthma, hypertension, morbid obesity and a minority, making me high risk for mortality. Hopefully, the judge gives it some actual consideration.

Well, that's all for now! Have a great day and remember to get your absentee ballots in!



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