July 8, 2020
by William Goehler (author's profile)


1st July 2020
I spend every three months wondering- and waiting to see- if anyone cares enough about my material needs to surprise me with a care package. Consequently, I spend every three months refusing offers from others who would like to purchase their extra package and have it sent in my name for a nominal fee ($10- $20) - which would at least keep me in coffee and toothpast. They never understand why I refuse their offer, in order to keep my Quarterly Package Privilege (1 per Qt) unused "Just in case" someone might surprise me. I'd hate myself if I sold my package privilege for a couple of jars of coffee- and then I had to return a $100- $200 someone "surprised" me with ... especially now with all the stimuus checks surprising everyone.

I truly expected someone would have surprised me with a care package sometime during the first two quarters this year. No worried though. I understand the economic uncertainity out there prohibits acts of generosity- where, as we all know that tax- payers are taking care of my physical needs her in prison. No worries indeed.

This is the First day of the Third Quarter, so I've collaged my Wish list of sorts and intend to lower my expectations for surprises. A $100-to$200 care package is obviously expecting too much, so I will sell my package privilige to the highest bidder here from now on- while I wait to see if the people who care about my material needs contribute what they can to this prepaid Account program, and when the ballance permits- I will order the items I'd like from my wish list of sorts. That should make it easier economically and leave the labor of shopping within a budget up to me.
Thank you all for whatever you can do. Be blessed in your blessing- and fare thee well. WG.


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