Oct. 18, 2020

Secretary Mark Inch

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 10/12/2020 3:54:16 AM

Secretary Marck Inch October 11, 2020
Received your email yesterday. Well actions speak much louder than any words that can be spoken. And we've got a problem here at Union Correctional Institution that needs actions. IG Lester Fernandez informed you of your management problem within this department. Yet due to some type of rif between y'all, you didn't want to take his advice. And some times that happens, people rub you the wrong way. But when there's solid advice there, then you should at least look into it. And remember you just stepped into a department that has along long history of corruption!! Look what you Captain Tyler Brown did over there at Madison Correctional Institution, where he violated state laws, by impersonating an FDLE law enforcement officer, tampered with evidence ect ect. And what does your Deputy Secretary Ricky Dixon do? He runs and calls an attorney. That's not the actions of an innocent law abiding man. Deputy Secretary Dixon is along time member of the FDOC. So he was worried that IG Fernandez had evidence to tie him into that Madison C.I. investigation, or some previous crimes that he's been involved in. Either way, his actions speak louder than any defense that he can muster up.
I was speaking with a staff member the other day, and we was talking about this M.C.I. investigation, and he said the FDOC is so deeply rooted in corruption, that the only way to bring change, is to pull them roots up and discard them, any staff member who's been in the FDOC for 20 or more years should be removed. Anyone with a rank of major and above, should be pushed out. And I agree with him. Look at Valdes vs Crosby, 450 F .3d 1231 (11th CIR 2006) and read this case law. Nothings changed, you seen the beating that was captured on that cell phone over at Lake C.I. last year, and that's just one of many incidents since you've been Secretary. You've got some seriously mentally unstable people in your upper management. Here at UCI, we've got an administration who's coming back here writing frivolous disciplinary reports, over a bed being made wrong. Each one of these DR's cost the tax payers $1,400 from the writing, investigation, DR court, to the grievance and then the appeal to you. $ 1.400 because your management, is lacking leadership skills to sit down and talk to us like we're human beings. This goes back to actions speaking louder than hollow words. It was brought to my attention the other day that this administration placed Randy Jones a "SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL" inmate on strip cell, no mattress blanket nothing but his underwear. This man should be in a psych ward, not back here in these cages where its causing further psychological damage. And these cages are hell that you don't understand and will never comprehend. No you can't understand this mental hell until the door slams shut behind you. These people should not be abusing these mentally ill prisoner's. Randy Jones was housed at Suwannee Ci.I. and he needs to be sent back there. Look at this administration, Robert Trease attempted suicide here this year due to the unethical actions of this administration, who stole money out of his canteen fund, he reports it, and the staff put their foot on his neck, causing him so much stress and anxiety that suicides his only way out. Look at Rocky Beamon who successful hung his self over the summer. U and V dorms, have had three or four suicides this year! You've got an inmate who was in E dorm, who either dove over a secondary story rail in order to get away from this hell hole. or was thrown over the rail by staff. I've heard two different stories.But let's say that he dove. That's pure desperation when your willing to dive off a 12 foot surface head first into a concrete floor. Think about how desperate this man must have felt?! He seen no compassion, no mercy, no other way out except to die. Mr Inch you, and only you can change this. Secretary's have come before you, and will come after you. Many have tried to change this extremely unethical department, and they've failed miserably!!
And unless your willing tot take it to the extreme and clean house, your going to leave this department tin the same conditions you found it in. Former IG Lester Fernandez gave you solid information, and this FDOC management is not up to par. And I saw your interview earlier this year on the Florida Channel, where you were trying to down play staff bring in contraband. You can't down play it like that, everyone is laughing at you. You've got a serious problem there. And the first part of fixing anything, is admitting that there is a problem. And again back to your Deputy Secretary, who's first thought is to lawyer up. Well if I was you, I'd make every single member from Major up to the Deputy Secretary, submit to a lie detector test or resign. You've got so much corruption in the FDOC that this is the only way to fix it. And you may never admit it on camera, but in your heart, and in your mind, you know what I'm saying is true. This is the FDOC, and it rightfully earned the title of ,"THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRUPTION". The ball is in your court, you can leave behind a legacy to where you cleaned house, and eradicated the corruption and illegal acts. Or you can be defeated by this unethical monster that is the FDOC, and allow it to carry on in its abusive, inhumane, illegal manner for which it has thrived on for decades. I hope and pray that you will step up, and bring about the change that we need, that our very lives depend on. Ask yourself this,"Do you want to be siting in front of the TV in 4,5,6 years from now, where the headline is "Inmate beat to death in the FDOC", and then wonder if you could have prevented it? Because that's what's going to happen, if you fail to clean house.
Yes there will be more Darrin Rainey's, Jordan Aparo's and Frank Smith's unless you bring change here and now. May God bless you.
Sincerely Ronald Wayne Clark Jr


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