Oct. 26, 2020


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Date: 10/15/2020 4:07:32 AM
Subject: Praise

God thank U 4 Ur faithfulness n 4 keeping me from the hour of temptation that came 2 try me every day 4 last month! Thank u 4 hearing my cries 2 respond as Jesus did,Lord knows I wanted 2 respond differently, fleshly! Thank u 4 sending several "angels" 2 b a strategically positioned 2 listen 2 me vent n 2 b a compassionate listening ear. Thank u 4 sitting with me in the day room n seeing me through all the turbulence,as I didn't want 2 b in my room 4 the same reason. Seems there was no lesser of 2 evils. Thank 4 wisdom 2 write the unit manager(s) n beg 2 b relocated 4 my soul,spirit,n release dates sake!!! Thank u 4 sending people willing 2 switch with me! Thank u 4 comforting dream I had of packing up peacefully, Lord knows I was tempted 2 refuse 2 lock in n just go 2 set 2 get out this room with these dudes! Second time I had the dream. Thank u it gave me courage n trust 2 hold on 4 2day,!Thanks the Sgt was receptive 2 my plight n listened without resistance. This gave me peace that u were on the case n moving on my behalf like u promised in Isaiah 45. Thanks 4 giving me that late in the midnight hour. I really needed that just 2 b calm enuff 2 go 2 sleep,Amen. Thank u that visions help me walk by faith.

Thank u 4 answering yes 2 this prayer 2 b moved,if I'm 2 stay on unit 4 4 ur wull 2 b done let Thomasak or somebody switch rooms with me or with Jarrod,Amen.

Thank u 4 what u just did in the young man life who just told me bout his early PRC blessing 4 next month, which miraculously got moved from March of next year that's 5 months early. amen may he know it was u who did it. Make away 4 me 2 continue the Convo with him. He seems receptive. Thank u 4 reminding me through him early release blessings still happening in ur kingdom. Amen

Keep me focused amen. Help me 2 do the work u called me 2 do n balance my career!!!

Help me not b offended when my writings or voice is rejected by a publisher or someone else!

God I have an opportunity 2 get on the phone at 5:15pm.
Who do I call?

God when I do move help me utter what I seen in the dream
"God know how 2 keep me outta trouble"

Truly u love me more than I do!
(Hey them some lyrics!)

Help me do these blankets in record time
Anoint my hands
Thanks 4 helping me get a picture of a father holding a child.


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