Oct. 29, 2020

A Good Days!

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)


Date: 10/20/2020 9:35:33 AM
Subject: A Good Days!

God amazing
Even when I don't act like it
Just saying..

I got called back from work,my first thought was,"good I'm moving! Or packing up 2 leave this
juvenile facility!" However after a 2 foot run I was told that it was 4 HSU!
Good. That meant the dentist was gone either cap or pull the tooth on the lower right side that's
driving me insane n forcing me 2 eat pretty much 99% of my food on the right side of my mouth!

At HSU I waited n watch the dentist call 4 several other men including "the last person on the
list." Didn't recognize the name,cause it wasn't mines! That's odd?
Maybe this a trick!
Sometimes an HSU "appointment" is really a meeting with the big wigs n some kinda
Had 2 go through that like my 3rd week here!!!

Anyway eventually the nurse comes out n politely yells my name!
That's odd!
Wonder this is 4?
I stepped In n she took my vitals. Must b a TB test! I had taken one Monday,I allowed it!
Maybe she was gone give me a Reynaud's test and this was the pregame warm up?

Come 2 find out I been exposed 2 the Covid!
Who would of thunk it?
So she did the swab test
One that went deeper than the 1st one the National Guard did. Thing went so far up my nose
swear she took some of my thoughts
"What was I thinking about?!?"
I was then informed the test usually come back in 24 hrs and the famous line "no news is good

Course news quickly spread and I told two people soon they asked, "Hey Mrf?"

1 guy was my celly, who I know was put up to it by my other 2 roommates! Could tell they were upset I didn't tell them immediately afterwards. But though we share a room that's all we share.
Plus I told them and their sudden interest in me that I have the right to tell people my business if and when I want to!

Ain't like being exposed to the virus an easy thing to process. Gotta deal with potentially being quarantined in the room no less with three people you don't get along with! Reason I told them, I don't have it but just in case you all might want to go to set now, so I ain't gotta be stuck in here with y'all and vice versa.


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