Nov. 15, 2020


by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 10/28/2020 9:45:19 AM
By Ronald Wayne Clark Jr
Agitate agitate agitate agitate! That is the famous phrases of Frederick Douglas, a slave who fought this unethical country for his freedom. He understood one thing, and that is never stop fighting for what you believe in, and or the changes you desire to bring. If you look at the slaves' battle to bring this country into some type of ethical and morally correct thinking. It was more than just an uphill battle! These men and women were under the constant threat of losing their lives for speaking the truth. A truth that this country didn't want to hear then, nor do they want to hear it now. Sometimes one must agitate to get their point across, and succeed in achieving their goals. And Frederick Douglas realized this. Let's also not forget Edmund Burke who once said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing." Those words rang true then, as they still do to this today. For it is up to us, as an individual to speak out on the injustice, that's present before us, no matter how insignificant it may be. You can make a difference, never let anyone tell you otherwise. So be the catalyst for change and agitate agitate agitate!! May God bless you and guide you in your pursuit for life, liberty, and justice for ALL!!
Ronald Wayne Clark Jr.
October 28, 2020


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