Jan. 23, 2021

New Year and a New Life

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)


Johnny E. Mahaffey
January 11, 2021


Awesome year so far! I love it!
This could be one of my last years in prison!
All six of my COVID-19 tests appear to have been NEGATIVE.
I have a job lined up for when I get out of prison that pays over $500 per day! Starting! And yes, it's legal. It will be utilizing my skills as an accountant, and advanced computer know how. And, I will only be required to work Monday to Friday for about three hours. So, $2,500 a week for 15 hours work. I love it. So now, when I go back in front of a judge, I can show that I will be more than financially stable once released from prison.
I love this year so far. Nothing but great news.
I am no longer quarantined.
My prison "custody level" has dropped all the way down, because in a decade and a half I have never done anything to suggest I was a violent or dangerous person, and all I have done is continued my education -- and become a certified teacher to help others do the same like I did -- and now all my hard work is coming to fruition.
I now qualify to transfer to any other prison, and work a job where I get paid like a normal person. I love it. Meaning that I will be able to leave prison already with enough money not to need any help from anyone, and go straight to work at my new job in the free world.
This is my year!
My book would have come out in December 2020, but due to my captors neglectfully exposing me to COVID-19 on a daily basis for months, my book was pushed back a little. Because I went into an unplanned edit. I decided to add an update to the book concerning the almost comical, but sad way COVID-19 was handled in prisons. So now, my book will be published this year. The gears started turning for it again last week.
This isn't all my good news, but ... I have to have a few surprises stay private for now. They are so good. I don't want anyone making issues and crying like little babies about justice. Lots of trolls with no life out there. So, my best news of all will come out in its own time.


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