April 3, 2021

Personal Journal......3/13/21

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal 3/13/2021
It has been a lazy week this week, starting with my trip to Hanford for skin cancer removal Monday, 12 hours cuffed up mostly riding in the back of the van. Don't get me wrong, I love the sight seeing and old town Hanford, about 12 blocks of it had me reminiscing about downtown Sacramento in the 50's and early 60's before the freeway took out the lower west end and tore down the old building between 4th & 7th and Sacramento bowl. My grandpa used to take me there to play pool and drink when I was between 8 and 12 years old before they put him in the old folks home. The guards also stopped in a place called Gustine a few miles off the freeway, somewhere between 5 & 99 :) another beautiful old town people want to keep. The nurse I had that was taking such good care of me, she has been moved to another yard so here it is 6 days later and I can't get anyone in medical to change my dressing; I got about 20 stiches, I was able to gather up enough dressing & band aid from what I had and other inmates to clean and change it myself, I have learned how to do that. Have these people heard anything about infections '._.'. I'm having trouble with my writing for awhile now my spelling putting them down the way I see them. We're starting to get outside for more yard now that everyone here has gotten their shots for the Covid. I heard that we're supposed to be going out with 13 building today. I hope so I've got some friends over there that I haven't seen in almost a year now. I got some messages last night on the blog. It was dated March 10th, less than two weeks for me to get it, not bad for this place. They put these excerpts in there with a message. There was one in there from a Love Notes in January of 2020 about that beautiful smile of the woman I love, another from this January about the shadows flickering across the walls. Thank everyone for giving of your time and caring about others: amoses2; brislin.j; sophdoph; mulroonet! I enjoy all of your comments.
Monday morning- I'm having trouble with my breathing, not getting enough oxygen; I have to walk very slow, bending over to clean the floor or pick something up, that's the worst. My celly said he would clean it- it's a small cell- but I'm just going to come along behind him and go over it :) can't help myself. The time change was yesterday, so I got up late about 10 minutes to 5, at 5 the dayroom lights come on. My Watch said 5 but the t.n. news clock said 6. I don't remember anyone telling me about the time changing over the week, anyway I got up on time today, I'm still tired, it's going to take a week or so for me to get used to the new time. Got the Newsletter the Life Support Alliance. They have a big piece in there about the courts ruling that prisoners can receive Economic Impact Payments, EIP, how to file and all that. I've already got the first 1200.00 check. I got the second one too but the sent it back because it was a debit card0 they told the bank to reissue as a check- they're making sure we have 1040's and helping people fill the out. Did everyone file theirs (that's the big question here) and the canteen has been sold out for the last three months :) The new electronic tablets are expected to be in most prisons in LA by the end of the year- free of charge via a contract between CDC & GTS. These will primarily be used for educational purposes, classes & groups, limited emails capabilities, medical request for appointments- able to be loaded with some entertainment content, some charge- some not. No in-person visiting for awhile yet video visits (I'm still waiting)
Theresa had her birthday this week. Happy Birthday Baby. I'm going to close and send this off today. Everyone be good, this Covid thing has all but passed. Thank everyone who has taken time to leave a message, It's always nice to feel the love. I'm going to try to call whenever I can get on the phone. I'll call a a lot more when I know the calls have already changed to 37¢.


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gmorga Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago. ✓ Mailed 5 days, 15 hours ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished your transcript!

It was so wonderful to have some insight to you. I hope you stay well! I looked through your stuff and I saw some of the beautiful art you have made! Stay healthy and safe. <3

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