April 20, 2021


From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date: 4/9/2021 12:43:34 PM

Im' elated to this new discovery, I liked talking you the other day on the ph# and Im glade you liked my blog site.

I like that accent you got too. kind of remind me of the President's Wife from scandal. I think it sexy.

yeah, I agree, different times would have made for a better romance. But don't be discouraged by the current reality/

Men and Yes, Women change their realities All the time, So why should you and me give in to the notion of impossible,

when we both know that a you & I is possible ! I believe in the divine fate of things. I don't shy away from struggle or

fighting for the thins that I want or think I would like to have or need in my life.

while I no longer subscribe to the gangster life, that is still my provenance and pedigree , my maturation in life don't

burn away the good traits of that kinda flavor. it is something that is ingrained in me and will never leave me.

I am & have become a practical man, Im unselfish and A good man ,, something you can look forward to seeing in this

evolution of ours. we don't have to rush the moment or feel the need to place artificial titles or labels or anything.

You don't have to have Known a person for awhile to care for them or protect their interest ; one of the things that I

find attractive about you is your sense of Humanity to all beings, and as you say that is in short supply in the current reality

and times. that's why we need not give in to these times by not exploring what this relationship can evolve into.

I want make you any promises or sell you any kind of dreams, or even lie to you about what we will be up against won"t

be easy , But i can not predict the futuure any more than you can, we are limited in that regard, however we are not

without say in how this ride will be and begin, and again, we are going with the flow of things, taking things as they

come. It might turn out that you have a friend that will love me more ;-).

well, now I look forward to what come next , and you have All the power to make that a reality or a non reality.

see you when I see ya , and hear ya when I see ya. and I hope it will be soon kinda like a zoom. :-):-):-):-):-):-)

TTYL. Uhuru.


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