April 30, 2021

The Criminal: Victimizer Or Victim

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)


The Criminal: Victimizer or Victim?

SOCIETY LOATHES YOU... THE CRIMINAL... AND CANNOT TOLERATE, wanting to eliminate, to punish you, to change and to straighten you out. Society berates and treats the criminal as if he were some alien life form from a distant planet. - REFUSING to accept that you have come from its own bosom, a mirror reflection of those who hate and hunt you down. Society is in denial to destroy the criminal, it must first destroy itself; for society and the criminals are similar, equally one and the same. You nor the very idea of your criminality could not have come into being if it were not society's collective or individual greed and selfishness; by a long train of governmental graft, corruption and gross mismanagement of public funds and resources. Nearly all criminality can be traced to socio-political, economical, racial, injustice.

In fact, society is a far worse criminal, thinking that it has the moral high ground when in reality it represents an egregious, moral hypocrisy. "You" are responding to society's systematic, institutionalized corruption and ill-treatment, abusing others as you've been abused and neglected. Of course many would differ with that analysis/assessment, pointing out the exceptions and most likely their own exemplary lives of accomplishments as law abiding citizens - even in the face of poverty, abuse, racism and insurmountable odds.


Of course there is always exceptions to anything and everything - and exceptions in dealing with human behavior are the norm. Individuals who under the most difficult, unbearable and despicable of circumstances will accept and endure governmental oppression and societal discrimination, extreme poverty, injustice and abuse and still maintain, not reacting to and resorting to criminality even as a reasonable-reaction and intelligent means of survival and self-defense as a means to an end. It is an absurdity and a misnomer to label such person/s/ as an exemplary, exceptional individual to hold up in awe, to emulate. A person who has bowed down to accept any terms of his survival; by definition is a COWARD!!!

Moreover, it is supremacy, the epitome of arrogance, a fallacy and trickery to point to these sheep-like, slave-like individuals as the prototype role model, since theirs is an abnormal dehumanizing feat that most "reasonable" people could not and would not match, all failing in the attempt.

Society reacts by enslaving you and allowing every imaginable atrocity to be committed against your humanity, all in the name of just-US, LAW AND ORDER. This system of repression and oppression have been repeated agelessly time and time again without anyone examining or questioning its effectiveness.

You must know there was a time when insane people were thought to be criminals and thrown into prison, abuse, beaten and killed. It has only been about two hundred years ago that it occurred to someone that these people were not criminals and that they were suffering from all certain types of mental illnesses.

Since the very beginning "we" have simultaneously glorified and hated the criminal, pretending as if he is not one of us as if having taken no part in his criminality and subsequent victimization. We are enchanted by his deed, stories and legendary exploits; immortalized in books and by his deeds, stories and legendary exploits; immortalized in books and movies. More pointedly, the history of this country, murder, rape, robbery, and atrocities of every imagination. Holocaust, slavery and every imaginable act of savagery against people and the environment. Ameri-KKKa is a criminal empire built by criminals stolen from its owners. Yet, the modern-day criminal is ostracized having followed in his ancestor's footsteps; by his behavior considered the norm centuries ago; but he is no more than a mere human being following in the footsteps of his criminal forefathers; as was historically and as is presents attempting to survive by any means necessary.

His true crime isn't that he is a criminal committing crime, rather that he is in competition with the more advanced, accomplished criminal behavior of society itself - the larger and more powerful criminal. The ameri-KKKan government agents, ORGANIZED CRIME, the largest, most sophisticated, most powerful, most evil, deadly criminal organization the world has ever known.

You have committed no greater crime than the whole of society from day one- in fact you are a micro-organism, an ant. While that may be a rationalization it is still the truth. This fact is only hard to digest, simply because the whole of society is in selective denial, it doesn't see itself as a criminal and has the money and power to prevent you from exposing society as a criminal.

You are an individual criminal, a Johnny-come-lately. Your crimes are no different than those that society's so-called founding (CRIMINALS) have committed a hundred times over before it declared itself a civilized criminal government. Now, ameri-KKKa have civilized-violence, civilized acceptable criminal behaviors, that has been developed and institutionalized, codified into law. The so-called criminal is simply not part of that civilized criminal gang and in violation of those criminal-norms.

You are reminiscent of primitive society in its earlier days of criminal development. You are a glaring example of various, earlier stages uncivilized barbarism during yester-years; and you struggle to survive BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Where lies the distinction between the criminal and society-at-large when both are equally guilty; even if there is a difference could be ascertain, it is a distinction without a distinction. One does not become rich out of need, but rather out of greed, likewise, the thief doesn't steal out of need in most instances, but simply out of greed or need to feed their obsessions or their addictions.

Surely, it isn't much of a crime to steal what one truly needs. Similarly, society hasn't simply collected and stored up its needs, but every imaginable luxury and imaginable desire.

Centuries ago: a burglar was brought before a magistrate judge and charged with burglarizing a very rich man's home and stealing large amount of wealth. The criminal was sent to prison and then the magistrate ordered the wealthy landowner to stand before him; he then sentenced the rich landowner to prison also. His crime being, amassing a fortune in far access of any real or imaginable need. The magistrate logic being: The criminal and the rich man are one and the same, both have stolen; the rich more than is needed and the thief that which wasn't needed.

No different than a criminal society: it doesn't become rich and opulent out of need but simply out of greed, likewise with the criminal.

What is apparently not understood is cause and effect and that all of mankind collectively represents on thin fabric. When the dominant group of individuals in society takes disproportionately the wealth and resources of that society to the disadvantaged of any other groups or individuals and then legitimizes the theft; subsequently when the disadvantaged group or individuals react in a criminally-classified survival mode to being disadvantaged; this is comically and hypocritically called by society at large as a criminal act. Yeah right! Whereas, in truth and reality this is more accurately an APPROPRIATION OF THE FORMER MISAPPROPRIATED, A FORCEABLE SHARING OF THE ILL GOTTEN GAIN, A SHARING OF THE BOOTY.

Understand, there lies no morally rich person. By its very definition of those three words are an oxymoron. If you have more than you need to sustain yourself, your families, friends, etc., and there lies one individual who cannot meet or sustain his life's needs you too are a criminal, equally guilty of theft, having taken more than what was needed to sustain yourself.


Most assuredly you have heard that term, it refers to the founding thieves, first original ameri-KKKan criminal. Who after killing its inhabitants, they claimed thousands upon thousands of acres of land with all of its resources paying not one cent for it; those original criminals transferring the enormous wealth of their stolen property to their decendants; so you see the criminals of today is the Johnny-come-lately criminal, the bulk of the wealth of this country has already been stolen and that theft is now legalized..

When one of us has fallen and the stronger ahead having not looked back to assist but continued on to accumulate more wealth beyond any real need, then they too are likewise guilty of a crime. The greatest inhumane immoral crime of all, failing to respond in a humanlike matter to another's desparate, obvious and apparent need for assistant is the First Crime: OF INHUMANITY!


"Nimarodas, explain to me how it is that an individual who has no history of being abused and even comes from a waelth, affluent family will still engaged in criminal activities?"

You are asking for an explanation of human behavior, asking WHY - anyone does anything that we do, obviously simply because they can. Even if it were possible for the perpetrator to explain, any explanation would be more than an abject-pathetic sad commentary of past events; most certainly not an answer. Nevertheless, let us examine the reasons a person with two very nice homes wants a third one, the reason a government makes war to steal another nation's land, wealth or resources. The reason at any given time, many politicians are under criminal investigation or indictment. The reason being is that no one is immune from greed, corruption, or selfishness.


"Nimarodas, are you saying that it is wrong for anyone to accumulate wealth in excess of one's needs to sustain your life, family, etc. Are you then saying that this selfish greed is the primary cause of crime?"

Yes!! Imagine a dominate, aggressive group of squirrels who gathered most of the available nuts and berries, leaving the remaining squirrels to forage with no alternative saving to steal from the advantaged group. Indeed, the first criminal, the true criminal is the one who has taken more of anything than is needed. A criminal should also be defined as one who commits an act of aggression and transgression against another for money or any object of value. One who commits a senseless, heinous act against another without any purpose or design to gain money or anything of value is a mentally-ill person and, not a criminal in the true sense of that world. Albeit, his or her act is definitely a crime! Why can't you understand that the have-nots desire to be haves, and the haves are a glaring example for the have-nots, a goal to be obtain. Was not the greed of your accomplishment your goal? Imagine - that there was a criminal organization and they legislatod that crime would only be permitted five days a week and of the weekend no criminal activity would be permitted under pentalty of law. The modern criminal is the one who is committing crime on the weekends in violation and; society is those criminal organizations, the so-called law-abiding criminal organization. Of which, is no more than a well established, institutionalized sophisticated criminal organization.


What society doesn't seem to understand, is that the wealth and resources of this entire world belongs to us all, despite who was there first and who stole it first. Even an individual's knowledge is not sole ly that of its owner. Indeed, the world has a right of access to it, for in truth one could not have developed or acquired/accumulated this knowledge, without the assistant of others, those who came before him; more over what else can an individual do with this acquired knowledge except to use it to the benefit of himself and others. A hermit would not aspire to have a doctorate degree without others to share, utilize and or exploid this knowledge upon. Wealth isn't imported from some distant planet. It is taken by the exploitation of humanity(rightfully or wrongfully) and this world's resources, the universal property of all. One who has simply come first, having paid nothing for all that was taken, can't thereafter charge others for the fruits of his criminality as criminals. What did the first criminal pay for all the wealth of this would that was made avaavailable for the taking. In fact all of humanity are criminals if criminality is based upon not having paid anything for all the gifts of life and all the wealth and resources of our world. Not one of us has paid for or truly deserving of the innumerable gifts of life, that was simply bestowed upon us.


"Nimarodas, if a criminal steals that which another person needs, is that not an unacceptable act?"

Yes, but not any more unacceptable than those so-called law-abiding criminals of society who have stolen, disproportionatelt-appropriated and misappropriated the human and natural resources of the world. That is exactly what society does when it allows the disadvantaged to be exploited enslaved, persecuted, uncared for and murdered. That social injustice is not an individual act = is the root cause of most criminality. While greed may produce an act of crime, institutionalized acceptable, societal-injustice is the major cause of the epidemic of violent crimes, we are all now plagued with.


Prisons are a window of opportunities. Prisoners are a captive audience and yet the government in all of its years of prisoon/slave buisiness has yet to develop a aystem/program, whereas the prisoners and society benefits from the enormous expenditure and horrendous effects of enslaving/incarcerating a human being for years and decades. It is only through the consistent affects of humane treatment and reeducation that prisons, as unnatural, barbaris and anti-life as they are will ever reap any benefits to anyone, except those predators and parasites who pimp off of the death, dying and misery of prisoners by their prison guard employment.


Indeed, there aren't any victims in this world, not even a child. If so, then we're all victim of our none of us asked for life and we're all required one day to surrender it. In truth, we're all pawns in a game not of our choosing and seemingly beyond our comprehension. Universal logic dictates that we need learn to share that which belongs to all of u


Life and the wealth of existence is a gift belonging to all humankin and when one group of individuals takes more than is needed, it becomes a theft, the first crime, the universal crime of greed - the first role model of mankind is to take all you can get your hands on.


"Nimarodas, you have described the situation, but you have not offered a solution."
You obviously have an ameri-KKKan mind, seeking an instant solution. If instant solutions in life were truly available, what would you do with it? Package and market it? Moreover right has never made might. Seeking a solution to the immaturity and greed of humanity, is only a trick of the immaturity of self. If greed and corruption are the problem, they are like wise aspects of there solution. A conciously awakened individual, realize that no mater how much is stolen, exploited or hoarded from others, death will come and separate him or her from life. Have you noticed that when a baby is born, the infant snatchs and grabs at any and everything within reach.

Most adults continue this behavior all the days of their lives, until death meets them when death overcomes us our hands are open, leaving all that the wealth/things of our greedy behavior behind.

We have witnesses this childish behavior time and time again, yet we continue on in this pattern of greed and exploitation, and then having the audacity to inquire why is there so much crime? The question be(LIE)s its own insincerity. What you truely want to know, is how you can continue to maintain our societal acceptable criminal behaviors/norms, yet prevent the new upstarts, the unsophisticated criminal behaviors and actions of the socially unacceptable. You do not want to sacrifice your greed, yet you want the criminal to sacrifice your greed, yet you want the criminal to sacrifice the pursuit of the fruits of your greed. This will not occur.

The tree is judged by the fruits and the fruits of society is absessed, obsessed with wrongfully obtaining wealth in abundance. The criminal is merely the by-product of a criminal society. That realistic choices of society are to stop its criminal greed, or teach the so-called criminal show to adapt and adjust to its socially acceptable criminal norms.


The criminal doesn't think of himself as criminal, no more than most ameri-KKKans think of themselves as criminals; after having committed atrocities upon atrocities against their own people and other nations. Similarly, and intrusive criminal is more accurately defined as a SURVIVOR. ameri-KKKans have killed, raped and stolen the bulk of the wealth of this land and the world in the name of progress, Divine Destiny, civilization and other such phony rationales.

Now these so-called reformed criminals, rather than legalized criminals, chooses to label all those who would follow in their footsteps, in the infamous ameri-KKKan tradition of thievery, rape, and murder as criminals. Who - not unlike the former seek to appropriate, rather to misappropriate a PIECE OF THE AMERI-KKan (illusion / nightmare) of wealth, status and Power by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

In the immortal words of Frederick Nietzsche, "If you can't be Rulers and Owners, then be Robbers and Ravagers." This is inwardly and outwardly the battle cry and motto of the so-called classified near Neo-ameri-KKKan criminals of today.

ameri-KKKans have sowed a rotten seed and are NOW receiving its rotten fruit Poetic Justice seeking to ostracize the fruit of its Collective trees as criminals.

Whereas, criminality is an innate and inherent way of life in ameri-KKKa as wet is to water.


There are those, who would have you think that their ancestors history or one of triumph and glory, are not entirely being forthright. For nearly in every instance, the prosperity of one was upon the backs, lives, exploitation and suffering of others.



amer-KKKa your prison/slave plantations are Universities of criminal higher learning from which you enslaved graduate. Going to jail a man learn many-many things from others, older, hardened criminals; an all he learns from society's vindictive, revengeful behavior is that his crime was being caught. So now he must learn not to get caught. The mindset of the criminal need be changed; biochemistry, medicine, psychiatry can help. We have many resources in which to change a criminal's behavior; service, your respect and knowledge as to how to survive is needed.

When we punish a person it only hardens them, our rationale may be whatsoever we like but the results is the same; there is a difference between results and rationalization. Rationalization is a very cunning intellectual device it hides the real reason of our actions; giving our actions a false facade, but looks absolutely "fair" on the surface.

Criminals! Society cannot tolerate you so it will punish you; but it also rationalizes that it is punishing you for your own good to make you better. But in all these centuries ever bothered to examine if good or change is ever achieved; government officials in the name of society have been punishing criminals for thousands of years and yet criminals have not been transformed through punishment. Crimes goes on increasing, prisons increase, prisoners increase, hiring more police, prosecutors, judges; a lucrative multi-billion dollars enterprise all in the name of JUS-US!. The true definition of insanity, absolutely absurded; more criminality.

What is wrong here? The criminal can also feel that this is a rationalization that he isn't being punished for the wrong that he has done he is being punished because he has been caught. So now he knows that he has to become smarter, more devious. He was only caught because he wasn't next time he will prove himself, more intelligent and more slicker; than he wont get caught like so many others who have evade capture. The only possible thing that a person learns from slavery, prison-punishment is not to be caught: THAT WAS HIS ONLY CRIME!

SOCIETY IS SO-SO WRONG: Human are a process a continuous process of evolving and evolution; we will either teach them or bear will their ill-behavior.

Severe and continuous punishment of long duration perverse and deforms the psychology and humanity of a person.

When a prisoner comes out of prison he is a much better criminal at she he thinks, better trained and educated that before; all thanks to our government officials paid for by unthinking, un-caring society-at-large.. This man has been forced to live with experienced criminals to include the guards, with much advanced adeptness and knowledge who knew much and having suffered and endured many years of torture and abuse; having been deceiving and far advance on the path of crime.; now he has vowed never to be caught; NOBODY IS STOPPED BY PUNISHMENT.

But greedy, unscrupous, opportunistic government agent at the ready at the behesting of a sheeplike, cowardly society and certain fascist, right-wing hate groups go on urging that punishing a person will stop the mindset of the criminal. BOTH ARE WRONG, as reality, history and statistics so vividly reveals. These statistics, Special Interest Hate Groups have only one interest: REVENGE, THEIR SADISTIC PLEASURE. And the criminal also sees those criminals who punish, abuse and torture him as criminals. B because a criminal mind knows and understands the actions and mindset of another criminal.

But now this emotionally and physically tortured and wounded, bitter, hate filled hardened criminal thinks, okay, I will bid my time and then one day I will get even and take revenge. Now there is a serious conflict between the punisher and the punish-ee; an endless revolving cycle.. Our thinking is wrong what is being done to the prisoner is totally unrelated to any resolution of the problem. He need not be thrown in a cage, dehumanized and animalized, mistreated, tortured and abused and treated less than human. He has to be put in a psychiatric hospital, treated medically, humanely, respectfully; it is not his fault.

Many centuries ago when people were thought to be criminals they were thrown into an insane asylum, beatened and tortured thinking that would drive the evil out and make them sane again.. It has only been about two-hundred years ago that it occurred to anyone that these people were not criminals, they were suffering from a certain mental disease.

Criminals! Beating, enslaving and torturing them for decades; you are simply being idiotic; no one is born a criminal. The nurturing and the environment in which he was brought up is what has made him a criminal. Of course many exemplary individuals will disagree point out their hardship and how he turned out alright and did not engage in criminality. Be that as it may we are dealing with the majority, the average individual and not the so-called exceptional individual. Once a persons mind starts becoming criminalized, you will have to change his whole way of thinking. Oppressing him, abusing him, starving him, beating him, locking him up in a cage like an animal - it does nothing but reinforce the mindset of his criminality; that when he is released he will be a confirmed, hardened criminal.

COMMENTARY (1): Just watch the things that people are doing as if whatever they are doing with the attitude that it is the most intelligent and right thing to be doing. As if they know the secret to the path to truth and the "truth" is that they do not know and nor does anyone else about the unknown and unknowable. Moreover, if sooner or later everything everywhere will be transformed or reformed, can the word/s/ "purpose", "right or wrong" ultimately mean anything as we now know it to be? I think not. In the final analysis according to what is universally known it really doesn't matter, nor make a difference.

COMMENTARY (2): god, gods and religions the world's ugliest, greatest invented hypocrisy; all these childish absurdities in all these times up to now have not helped humanity in solving one single problem and; they have been doing this service business for thousands of years. The poor are still poor and growing poorer. The sick are there, aged, all kinds of diseases are there, children are not being cared for; crime increasing.. Simple put our created gods and religions have failed us in every way and in every aspect. The corrupt are still corrupt and the evil are still evil; in thousands of years of this "pie-in-the-sky" worshipping and praying to an invisible god, nothing has changed

Every year there are more and more heinous-horrific crimes and atrocities being committed against ourselves and humanity.

Strange... prisons/slavery goes on increasing and religious leaders who supposedly speak to the invisible sky god lie and think that they are making a difference in the minds and hearts of mankind.

COMMENTARY (3): Zooprison, enslavement of a human being behind the Iron Curtain. This is not the way to transform a person, this is the way to stunt, deform and pervert him humanity.


As punishment depriving a psychosexually mature individual of his natural biological DNA genetic instinctive driven directive biological function of sexual intimacy with his biological counterpart is gross cruelty and a human rights violation of unparalleled proportion and simply cannot be justified as a means of punishment for his proported societal-classed "objectionable-conduct". One has nothing to do with the other, one's sexuality has nothing to do with his misconduct. We have two basic instincts, food and sex. Food is needed for our survival and sex is needed for the perpetual-survival of the species. Both are basic needs. While it would be unthinkable to deprive a human being of food, likewise it should be just as incongruous to deprive a mature individual of sexual food, simply because he is being held hostage in a slave plantation. SEX AND FOOD AREE DEEPLY JOINED: Food keeps the person alive and sex keeps the race alive., that is there similarity: Sex is food for the race and food is sex for the individual. Hence there is a point to be remembered, if you repress sex you will start eating more food to supplement and compensate for the absence of sex.; obesity among single women is a class example. It goes without saying with food and sex humanity would perish and cease to be. Knowing this those who have forced celibacy is bound to create sex-obsession in their victims.

To deprive a person of one-half of his natural instinctive functioning, sex with his biological counterpart is life-negative. The moment a person becomes life-negative he becomes. And it is easy to exploit the weak, to enslave the weak. It is easy to dominate and destroy the weak. When you are taught or forced to live under life-negative circumstances you become afraid of talking about things frankly, authentically. You do not want to talk about sex, you want to hide it as if it does not exist in your life. But deep down inside you are seething, boiling and thinking about sex 24/7. Modern psychologist survey that each man thinks about sex at least once every three-minutes and women think about sex every seven-minutes.

You should know that pornography is not a natural phenomenon, it is a sex-repression-phenomenon. Hence, the tremendous interest in the women' body. Pictures, statutes, movies, they are all either directly or indirectly are pornographic. Unless there is something of sex in it you are not interested: We all know sex sells. and "we" are all addicted to the euphoric pleasure of ejaculating or having an orgasm during copulation.


They are connected, if you repress sex too much you will become MURDEROUS. In fact, murdering somebody is a perverted act of sex. Men want to enter the body of the women. If he is not allowed to, he will start finding other possible way to enter the other's body. He will engage in deviate-perse sexual fantasies, generally degrading to the female, MASTURBATION being a source of relief. If not he'll become homosexual and enter the body of another man. If he cannot find a man, he will find an animal; and if there is no sexual outlet to release and relieve his sexual frustration he will become enraged. Sexual energy repressed become anger, it becomes murderous; if a person's sex is repressed they can easily be made to kill others and be killed. In the past three thousands years we have had "we" have fought well over five thousands wars. It seems absolutely INSANE it seems as if "we" are living only to kill each other. What's wrong with mankind? No animal makes and wages war on other animals or members of its own species.

REPRESSED SEXUAL SATISFACTION IN PRISON: is bound to create troubles for all concerned. We all have read or heard of prison murder and stark violence in prisons, disgraceful. Man is the only perverted cruel creatures in existence; all kinds of perversion; sexual deprivation makes one cold about sex and cold about everything else. Your empathy, your humanity, your very source of warmth disappears; once you become cold you lose all empathy for others.

SEX IS THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT: It is how all life is created. It should be respected, worshipped and held sacred. Sex is the most sacred phenomenon in existence, it is the sparkplug, the catalyst of all our lives. If life is not sacred then sex is not sacred.

DESTROY THE DIGNITY OF A MAN and he'll easily become an obedient salve. And the best way to destroy his dignity is to make him fight against against himself; he'll start feeling "guilty" because he cannot conquer. No man can TRULY conquer his need for sex or food. If you fight with your sexual needs you are dividing yourself into two persons; you are becoming split, willing entering into the world of the schizophrenic - you are becoming diseased. Just your own energies will be dissipated, you will become weaker, as if your left hand is fighting with your right hand; neither will or can win. And a greater thing will happened of long-range consequences; if you cannot escape or overcome your addictive sexual urges and then you will start feeling so "guilty, so "guilty", so condemned, so unworthy that you will readily bow down to any stupid person. Anybody who is a good pretender, a hypocrite, this is how cunning people have dominated humanity. It was found out early on that if you want to dominate humanity, make them weak, guilty and unworthy.


Imagine if you will being forced to engage into autoeroticism as your only means of obtaining sexual-food while being held a slave in a cage by a cruel, vile, murderous barbaric state government agents; these savages have found such subtle way of humiliation that they don't even come into the picture at all. Slave-keepers/guards leave it to the prisoner to humiliate himself, to destroy himself; he can neither escape nor overcome the sadistic-torture and maltreatment of his captors.

Prisoner learn a form of "psychological-genocide", a kind of slow suicide. Yes, there is the possibility of transcending sex, but it is not done as an alternative repressed sexual deprivation.; it cannot be done if you are against sex and it is a great experience. It can only be done if you befriend the energy, if you can find the key. Why we are so interested in sex? It is not just a question of biology, it is more a question of spirituality.

From my own experience as to why people are so interested in sex is because that is the only naturally-given window into existence. In deep orgasmic state when lovers meet, melting and disappearing into each other for a single moment, that is the divine, time disappears, mind disappears, ego disappears and one has a taste of the beyond, the ultimate subconsciousness. It is what the mind envision as being in heaven, floating on a cloud. That momentary taste will give you the key to real orgasmic-ecstasy. Those who have experienced this bliss have known timelessness, egolessness and mindlessness.


It is sheer hypocrisy and utter nonsense to be(LIE)ve that once a psychosexual mature individual simply because is incarcerated, he becomes non-sexual. Sex in prison does happened, often and is a critical issue totally unaddressed and unresolved by slavers/prisons guards. Studies have shown that years of depriving a prisoner of sexual intimacy with his biological counterpart perverts his sexuality and contributes to his ill-health, high levels of violence and ultimately becomes a societal problem when these individuals are released.

This uncivilized, barbarous unnecessary deprivation of the humanity of prisoners results in: 1). Increase violence among prisoners and prison guards 2). Perversion, 3.) Rapes, 4). Promotion of homosexuality and; 5). Sexual abuse of women with violence once a prisoner is released.. Many bitter individuals would spout "They should have thought of that before they committed the crime.". Adding that: The pleasure of sexual copulation with one's biological counterpart is a privilege. Hardened, macho convicts prisoners would note: "Don't think about, you're weak if you let something get ta ya." Fortunately or unfortunately sexual copulation is not a privilege nor something that you can ignore as statistics bear out the world population of over seven billion people; the epidemic of rapes in prison and in the not so free world. SEX, sexual copulation is a biological genetically DNA-programmed need of "us" humans.

Males are so constituted that during long periods of abstinence from ejaculation by sexual intercourse, their sperm builds up. During these extended periods of sperm buildup; the male sex drives increases in strength and intensity. This excessive libido buildup increases testosterone readily explains the murderous uncontrolled violence. There are no standards or average for the male sex drive; instead there are a wide variety of sexual appetites and abilities. NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, sometimes called wet dreams occur, it is the automatic expulsion of semen through the penis while the individual, young male is asleep.

The semen is secreted by the prostate glands, the seminal vesicle and other glands that open into the uretha duct. This opalescent white fluid carries spermatoa during intercourse/masturbation/ejaculation and if the male does not engage in sexual intercourse or does not MASTURBATE, the semen will accumulate until it overflows during nocturnal emission. This is a harmless, body fluid waste disposal of excessive aCCUMULATED BODY FLUIDS. Unfortunately, most men, most prisoners long before this natural body fluid pressure release occurs becomes murderous and killers.

All that being said, it does not give the state-employees in their perverted cruelty the right to in many instances irreparably damage the psyhosexuality of prisoners for society at large to bear with. To punish a person humanity, to include his sexuality was no different than those idiot savages of ole who stripped black men of their humanity; treating them less than human, legally and physically; this is the greatest and most grievous that can be committed against another. Sex is an innate, instinctive, psychosexual, biological, hormonal need; a fundamental aspect of ALL of our humanity. To arbitrarily deprive a human being of their sexual needs based solely upon their imprisonment/enslavement is barbaric, sadistic and a cowardly act.

In exposing the wrongful/unjust enslavement/imprisonment and inhumane treatment of prisoners; we must simultaneously expose the false; to confess and admit that prisoners are sexual beings. Depriving a human being of his natural right to engage in the pleasurable sexual intimacy with his counterpart; his biological counterpart is sick and diseased and the equivalent of RAPE, the rape of an individual's humanity. These sick slavers, prison employees, biological-mutant-organism; who benefit from this multi-multi-billion dollar Slave Empire; who profit from ameri-KKKa 21st Century Neo-Slave industry cowardly won't even discuss this critical issue.

These corrupt pious, bigoted-hypocrites must evolve, grow up into real human beings, dropping their sadistic/perverted lunacy, shame and "admit and accept" that human sexuality is all of our reality as it is theirs; a major factor in all of our lives, and not some nonessential extracurricular activity; that we can either take it or leave it. Even the worst of the worst, slavers must learn the old bible adage: "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE ONE UNTO YOU." And this is from an ATHEIST.

This is a call for a legislative BILL OF PRISONER'S HUMAN SEXUALITY RIGHTS.



It's never gonna go away so we must now evolve and treat it like a way of life.

This barbaric ring of "SILENCE" hurts. Dehumanization an Animalization causes grievous harm to all, to include society at large.

COMMENTARY (1): Low life slavers/prison guards and corporate parasitic PIMPS diabolic prohibition or masturbation and denial of conjugal visits to all goes far beyond their insidious cowardly Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Imagine if you've been enslaved for decades or years and you go in the restroom or to your cell and masturbate in to relieve yourself of all your pent up anxiety, frustration and longing and a pig-guards sneaking to bust ya; writes you up as if you have done something wrong. All in this fake-ass so-called relious ameri-KKK.

This Cruelty is of long range, genocidal sinister intent is far more atrociously degenerative and wicked. Further, if you deny a person the right to engage in sexuality, you will create an antisexual, antisocial, life-negative environment.

When you enslave a human being in a stupid place as hostage against their will under threat of violence or death if they attempt to leave; served dog food and soybean filler all to MAKE MONEY FOR SLAVER$$$$; then hire stupid people as slavekeepers to control them; making prisoners do unnecessary stupid things as an exercise in pig-gurad control, day after day - he will become life negative and weak. And as it was found out early on to exploit the weak, enslave their minds. Make them do stupid unnecessary tasks over and over again; like attrition; to make them feel "guilty: and worthless and they will willingly enter into the world of schizophrenic defeated. It is easy to dominate and destroy the weak. Destroy the dignity of a man and he will become an obedient slave (of white racist amerikkk - who should have had enough of BLACK SLAVERY - Look at the near insurmountable, horrendous mess it created and still recreating within the occupied Nation of New Afrika.

"WE" are still savages, the slave masses' and their flunkies, wage slaves have empathy and companion for them and their kind but non for the oppressed slave and especially for the black slave c'est la vie and que sera sera.


Many if not most all of "us" have masturbated frequently. Yet, this subject and this act is still considered taboo; not to be openly discussed as if it wasn't a natural aspect of our humanity, relieving oneself... Moving past the pseudo religious edicts forbidding masturbation. Historically and by definition amerikans are the personification and epitome of hypocrisy. "We" are truly bona fide hypocrites and genuine liars. A repressed, sexually obsessed people. Our stereotypes of an individual who masturbates is that of a sex offender or a desperate perverted old man wearing a raincoat sitting in a darkened theater jacking-off - or a voyeur lurking somewhere in the dark shadows, a peeping tom spying on someone undressing in the privacy of their home. The urge to engage in self-gratification (autoeroticism) is natural and comes naturally, common and usually engaged in secret/private; as it should be, since it is no one else's business. But in a nation of habitual liars we conceal our sexual acts out of shame.. Moreover, many report episodes of sexual copulation while dreaming and having involuntarily experiencing pleasurable nocturnal emissions.

Some women have admitted to routinely masturbating at work sitting at an office desk merely rubbing their thighs together titillating their clit or in the restroom stall - and we all know about women in the bathtub and shower or watching a video. Men who are considered sexual extroverts with an open vivacious sexual appetite have been spied masturbating wherever and whenever that they think they can get away with it.

The myth that must be dispelled about engaging in masturbation is that feeling of embarrassment, shame and that you are doing something wrong. That jacking off is sick and dirty and that you are deranged. After all who could better satisfy your sexual needs than you?. Not only is masturbation a phenomenal natural aspect of our humanity; it is first and foremost an individual duty of self-responsibleness, taking responsibility for self.

Emotionally, we pay such little attention to self, we are emotional extroverts, beggars, vagabonds, continuously searching and seeking for our needs from another. It is in part cultural and because our eyes see outwardly; we are therefore conditioned to discover in others what we cannot seem to simply STOP and uncover within self. In many, if not most instances we seek from others what we could have readily and easily provided to ourselves; sexual relief.

CAUTIONARY WARNING TO MEN: With the recent advent of epidemic charges against men of rape, attempted rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment. Stalking, molestation; men would do well to consider masturbating before approaching a female; while the latter may be more pleasurable than the former, most assuredly the former is a lo more safer.

Without the sometimes emotional baggage and liability stemming from dealing with another. ACCEPT everything comes with a price, nothing is free. While it has been said you may not get everything that you pay for but you will pay for everything that you get.. When we accuse our lovers of being selfish, it is because we are disappointed because our sexual love-needs weren't met; it would follow to limit our sexual frustration than we need manage our own particular special sexual proclivities. Nevertheless, we know all to well that truth in and of itself was never liberated or stop anyone from anything, least of all, that instinctive-innate biological programmed compulsive addictive need (i.e., ejaculation, orgasms); hence the world's population explosion. In an appealing choice between self-gratification and mutual-gratification most would opt for the latter. To reeducate our sexual drive, even if that is possible, requires a deprogramming and reprogramming of our sexuality, a complete acceptance of our sexuality as our sole responsibility in truth even during mutual copulation; you realistically get nothing from the other it is all psychosomatic; your ejaculation and orgasm come from within your body, not the other; the other is no more than a triggering device, a focusing point, a stimuli, a catalyst.

If many if not most instances copulation has left us empty, confused, cold and unfulfilled; many women have actually equated mutual copulation to being assaulted, nasty and disgusting. It is because our needs from or the other were simply to release our sexual frustration and not a mutual sharing during formal intimacy. We have not yet evolved/learned to accept and distinguish the difference between a mutual sharing and a sexual frustration release..

We are fortunately or unfortunately interdependent upon each other and while that in and of itself shouldn't be a bad thing; experience has taught us that even the slightest dependence upon another can in time turn into a burden and become a ghoulish nightmare of betrayal and resentment. It appears that humanity's duo-gender sexual well-being, and pleasurable fulfilment are inextricably interlinked. Most assuredly in deep love-making intimacy and in the euphoric-thrall of an orgasm or ejaculation - you don't ever recall being detracted, bored or depressed. We all know those 5-10 seconds of ecstasy (and for some even longer), is one of it not the most pleasurable of our experiences..

Unquestionably, sexual deprivation and the lack of sexual gratification affects our psychosexual well-being and our life in general.. We seem slavishly tied to our need for mutual copulation, to physically touching, mating and joining with another - to experiencing a psychosexual release. Similarly to steam that builds up in an engine boiler that has to be released or it explodes; a mere analogy of what we are feeling in sexual heat/need of release. We often view our sexual dependency upon each other as an unforgivable biological curse. But when sexually enthralled that statement seems to be farthest away. Sex when enjoyable is an all-consuming most pleasurable gift of our biological nature, an out of mind and seemingly an out of body experience.

With few exceptions only the very old or infirm seem to have been able to escape the addictive cycle/circle of our intimacy needs/desires and dependency of our psychosexual rollercoaster of our bodies' hormonal needs; burden or gift, our sexuality, or sexual needs still remains the sole responsibility of the individual, not the other; an undeniable aspect of our humanity that must be managed since it can't be controlled. Again with few exceptions we don't do so well with controlling aspects of our lives and; in particular this life penetrating phenomenon called sex - noting the over seven billion plus population... nevertheless, we must learn to manage this phenomenon of our sexuality. Masturbation must be accepted and embraces as a toll of that life's management. While solely on our conditioning mutual sex is unquestionably most/more desirable than masturbation; even with its oftentimes relationship complications. - mutual copulation is still just an experience and intelligence and logic dictate that it is not unlike any other the panceas for our psychosexual biological sexual needs/frustrations.

Most assuredly you have noticed that our sexuality operates at different levels of our consciousness. For example when your lover is attempting to arouse and stimulate you and you simply aren't in the mood, the thought of sexual intimacy makes you irritable, uncomfortable and even sometimes repulsed.

Moreover when a stranger approaches you with an unexpected, unwelcome sexual overture/proposition, you become incensed and disgusted, "Thinking how could you?" Between conscious level of the irrational "sexual excitement" phase and the rational "non-sexual" phase, they are polar opposites. Hence, the need for foreplay to nurture the other to that irrational "sexual excitement" phase. Ergo, our frustration in many instances having to entice, coach and coordinate another's level of consciousness. Our logical responsible alternative Ersatz, MASTURBATION.

In some instances our emotional and psychological well-being have been devastated, our proficiency and efficiency thrown off keel; suffering in pursuit of sexual union with another. Thinking that the other has this magical key to our sexual happiness and satisfaction of psychosexual-release. We are. We are mostly alienated from our exacting bodily-cravings-functions. When in most instances our body cravings simply need a fluid release by autoeroticism. We need to evolve, the other does not have the secret to "your" sexuality, you do.

I tell you and you need to heed my words, you were born alone and you'll die alone even if you are an identical twin; you have never been joined to the other's being even in deep intimacy, you have merely entered an oral, vagina or anal cavity; most assuredly a body orifice is not where a person's being lies..

When you find yourself feverishly and unreasonably in hot pursuit of another thinking you are in desperate need of mutual copulation or whatever rationalizations you've assigned to your irrational behavior - STOP! Try masturbating and observe if it doesn't cool down your fever and return you to your rational consciousness level of "non-sexual" excitement phase. Having appeased your feverish hunger with an orgasm or ejaculation release, you may now be able to lucidly and objectively analyse your feelings to discern if you are truly in need of mutual intimacy or simply in need of a self-gratifying frustration relief and now abated and you are now able to move on independently.

If the latter, self-love has satisfied your body's feverish-hunger. But if the former is still needed - good luck, you are entering into the unpredictable, chaotic world of intimacy dependency - proceed at your own risk. In any event you need to study and observe your irrational "sexual-excitement" phase consciousness level; more likely than not you'll conclude that it too was merely an intense craving for psychosexual release by any means of which you could have very easily remedied yourself by masturbating.

If we can only evolve and learn to categorize our sexual arousal as no more than a mundane, ordinary body function; rather than an urgent or important distress signal; since we all know in truth it is not; nor an SOS or 911. And it simply requires our personal attention of autoeroticism. A natural response to a very natural and uneventful need.

COMMENTARY (1). "Nimsrodas, you have suggested that an individual who has a strong sexual appetite and is unsure of the evening's date will end up in sexual intimacy needs to engage in autoeroticism prior to that date. Is that not sabotaging the spontaneity of the natural course of the relationship and its possible resulting intimacy?"

O.K., then you just had sex twice that evening. You are overthinking romanticizing and conflating a sexual function with a relationship. Many if not most of us have and or are having sexual intimacy with another without it being a relationship; aka booty-call, friends with benefits, etc.

Nevertheless, to answer your somewhat naive question: Yes.. But, we are now a high-technological society, on the go, intellectually astute, evolved species and we can no longer be held hostage by "our" primal sexual urges.

Nor can our mundane psychosexual release (ejaculation or orgasm) be dependent upon our time-consuming abilities and expense in securing a mutual sexual mating arrangement.

In light of the habitual statistical breakup of marriages and heterosexual marriages and relationships - for a number of emotional and economical reasons - relationships are simply not cost-effective in the 21st century - as to those who have had any relationship will attest to - they are complex, time-consuming, convoluted, expensive and more likely than not end up dysfunctional, a grievous and economical waste. And to those die hard romanticists who say "the payoff of the investment is well-worth it." Well so be it, each to his own, life is about choices and masturbation is a choice, albeit the most economical and efficient choice one can make to alleviate his/her sexual cravings.

In our sped-up hi-tech world of multi-tasking one can ill-afford the luxury of the arduous and emotionally draining task of the time-consuming negotiating a sexual relationship, attempting to coach, entice the other into their irrational sexual excitement phase, conscious-level. We need to learn to take sole responsibility for ourselves by managing our own sexual needs without necessarily depending upon another.

Reality being: the other has no power and gives nothing during intercourse. However, visually and physically pleasing the other's body may feel, taste and look; it is no more than an illusionary mental trigger, triggering your own psychosexual pleasuring center; the other's body is simply a focusing [illegible]. You will most likely ignore that logic, even if you agreed; simply because the time-proven pleasurableness of our illogicalness; outweighs the restraint of logically not doing it. To put it plainly nature has hardwired our brains for the perpetuation of the species.. Mutual copulation works, it at times can be very pleasurable and we enjoy it; indeed we are seekers of pleasure; not unlike a drug-addict; there are those who are referred to as sex-addicts/junkies; in truth all of mankind are sex-addicts; how else could we explain the world's population; as it has been said; right doesn't make might, now will knowing the truth set you free. What we do as opposed to what we say is in reality our "only" teacher.

COMMENTARY (2): "Nimardas, what do you mean by the irrational sexual excitement consciousness level?"

Have you ever taped yourself while in the thralls of the so-called euphemistic terms "making love" - while the term lovemaking is a euphemism, a politically correct, polite terminology - in truth there isn't anything loving in two bodies violently smashing each other - and one forcibly penetrating a foreign object deep inside the other's sensitive body organs - and then watching yourself having an orgasm or ejaculating - in a manic frenzy, body contorted, face twisted, breathing erratic and sometimes saying and murmuring the most absurd, unintelligible things; even screaming and yelling obscenities. That is what I mean by your irrational sexual excitement consciousness level. It has never reported that young children who have spied their parents in the midst of lovemaking began to cry thinking that their parents were fighting. Truly there isn't anything loving about smashing on top of another's body; shoving a foreign object violently inside the orifices and soft tissue of another.

COMMENTARY (3) "Nimarodas, you seem to have forgotten one of the many benefits of masturbation, the avoidance of unwanted pregnancy, and of course avoidance of the plague of AIDS and the scourge of SIDS."

I do not teach by terroristic tactics by imposing fear and guilt into another. The world is full, saturated with those type of religious terrorists (greed for heaven and fear of hell); or fear of punishment or death if you don't obey. These fascist tactics have not decreased promiscuous sex, unwanted pregnancy and disease haven't declined, not one iota. If intellectually my message is ignored or rejected; then we must learn to respect and accept the free will of others. Irregardless of how important, critical and beneficial you may believe/perceive your message to be to another. It is neo-Nazi "supremacy" to forcibly attempt to coerce and extort another into doing and accepting what you say is right for them.. That is the age-old tactic of religion and governments..

COMMENTARY (4): One of the most deepest and darkest of secrets that women have kept secret for centuries is that they have orgasms during those high-powered spiritual church services - usually black churches where women start waiving their hands up in the air from side to side, then jump up, running up and down the aisle, rubbing their thighs together as a means of masturbating their clit; screaming a mantra "I got the spirit!", "I feel the spirit!" or "Jesus, Jesus!". You'll observe some rolling around on the floor, pulling up their dress, trying to fan the heat from between their legs, to put out the fire. One of the most shameful of revelations of all is why the majority of the church congregation are women, usually older, they learn this trick. A woman's spiritual arousal spiritually is transferred sexually. It is the extremely honest person that will confess to having a spiritually aroused sex-orgasm; hence women, black women in particular are spiritually sexually addicted to having an orgasm during church.. As is well known women's sex drive is far greater than men in intensity and in duration. Preachers are masters at getting into a woman's head, not unlike a pimp and; can make her sexually addicted to his preaching as a triggering device; she is sexually aroused by what and how he says; without admitting his loyal servant, secretly admiring and loving him; sometimes not so secretly when she engages in sex with him. Have you witnessed the most beautiful women with a man who looks like a toad and wondered "WHY?"; women are blind when it comes to love and their patience and tolerates is unmatched. Of course men are such superficial sexual extroverts; looking at a woman clothed or unclothed, talking or just thinking about her will trigger our sexual arousal. Whereas, to a woman it's all psychological to her; and I tell you solely upon my own authority, once a man discovers a woman's sexual button, HE OWNS HER.


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