June 8, 2021

The True Gospel of Christ

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


Date: 5/28/2021 7:58:37 AM

The True Gospel of Christ

I am a Brother and Disciple to my Lord Jesus Christ, and this is the True Gospel of Christ, as transcribed in the end of times! Satan, the god of this world, has done everything within his power to prevent this Gospel from coming to light... Only Satan has no power over the Spirit of Christ, and in the Gospel being shared throughout the world; at this time, is testimony to that! God in heaven, blessed me with His Spirit on my sojourn of this world, and Satan, has used his
limited control of the flesh to try and stop this Gospel from coming to light! I take no pride in sharing in the Truth of how Satan deceives the world through his ministry in the false light of Christ, and how the many will follow his teachings through their blind faith/conformity in how others translate the New Testament for them! Making it their failure to rightly divide the word of Truth in order show themselves approved of God the Father...

Vainly the people of this world live through the flesh of which they were born and can only profess to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. As they strive for prosperity through hollow acts of righteousness, done in the flesh, while claiming their blessings as a sign of God in heaven for their belief and faith in Him... Building their rewards here on earth and never understanding the dichotomy and hypocrisy in living through the flesh, while professing to be reborn in the eternal Spirit of God, the Father in heaven!

My Brother Jesus and His Disciples before me, did not build their rewards here on earth, and were persecuted by the people of this world, due to their testimony in the love of their Father, God in heaven... A persecution they endured through love, wisdom and understanding in the knowledge they lived through the eternal Spirit of God, their Father in heaven and not the temporal flesh of this world...

We are instructed in reading the New Testament to rightly divide the Word of Truth, in showing ourselves approved of our Father God in heaven. This is not an easy task, especially since Satan, already has the world deceived into believing in a false salvation, through his ministry in the false light of Christ and for anyone to step outside this circle of false light leads to receiving the world's ridicule of the many, blindly following him through his ministry in the false light of Christ to continue deceiving the world!

Now let's look at what Jesus, repeatedly said, and wants you to know on your sojourn of this world. Throughout the Gospels of the New Testament, Jesus, is repeatedly reported as saying, He will be killed! There is no denying the facts: Jesus was killed in the flesh, by crucifixion, which was in breaking, His Father God's commandment of thou shall not kill! When we divide the Word of Truth, we must separate timelines and what was said and done during these timelines. Thing that were said and done before Jesus was tortured and crucified on the cross, applied to that timeline, but once Jesus was killed, all things became new. Now the people of this world (of which Satan controls, became accountable for killing Jesus!) God the Father in heaven could no longer look upon the world, or He would have to destroy it! So in the wisdom of His divine Grace, God gave Jesus preeminence/judgement over the world, to become the only advocate God would recognize to bring forth His forgiveness for having been tortured and killed in the flesh... It is in light of rightly dividing the Word of Truth, that one understands that all who are born into this world are born into the ultimate sin of killing Jesus, through the crucifixion of nailing Him to the cross! And it is through this understanding, one feels remorse and begins to understand the sinful nature of the flesh of which God the Father in Heaven bestows His wisdom of grace! It is then and only then, through one's confession and in seeking forgiveness that one is reborn in the Spirit of God the Father, and His, Word of Truth, along with constant prayer helps bring one into maturity in the Holy Spirit... As we mature in Spirit our understanding of how we are to conduct ourselves on our sojourn of this world grows as we are instructed to test the spirit and not the flesh... We begin to understand and appreciate the burden of our cross, as we carry the sinful flesh of this world; of which Satan tries to use, to discredit the ministry in the Spirit of Truth in the killing of Jesus upon the cross. Since the world does not know the Spirit of God, our Father in heaven, they only know how to judge the flesh and fail the test of judging the Spirit - since they do not accept the guilt of being born into the sin of killing Jesus, through having nailed Him to the cross, they show themselves to be of this world and not of the Spirit of God in heaven...

The Disciples knew, Jesus would minister at times that He would be killed, yet they failed to understand the significance of this teaching. It was only when Jesus appeared to them after being crucified and rebuked them, did they grasp the knowledge that Jesus lived through the Spirit of His Father in heaven and not the flesh. It was also at this time their understanding of the world around them changed, as they now knew they too lived through the Spirit of God the Father and not the flesh. Allowing them to boldly minister - 'Jesus Christ and Him crucified', and to warn of those among them, that were straying from this Truth! In the end the true Disciples of Christ, suffered deadly persecution themselves, whole those who followed the ministry in the false light of Christ prospered to this day: through their ministry in the denial of guilt in the shedding of Jesus', blood upon the cross!


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