June 26, 2021

The Future vs The Nonce

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date: 6/15/2021 1:25:33 AM
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"The Future - Vs- The Nonce"

Tagline: "No matter How Hard we try, the Future will always compete against the nonce when we allow our decision
making to be based on what may be clearly superficial desires and a slick talk, and a slick walk..."
Special Note: All right Catholic girl, this one is for you per your instruc. and your play list for us both is below:
{ 1. no easy way out, By Robert Tepper; 2. warm blood by Flor; 3. breaking it up, By Lykke Li; 4. trust, By Keyshia cole & Monica; 5. "goin' thru changes, By Ledisi;}
1.) Your reservations towards the one you initiated first contact and vibed an interest is understood and they are vailed,
and valid concerns; However, it is interesting to note that while you have reservations about a future with him and
the removable obstacles that would stop a future, with in that same reason you would appear to be embracing
verisimilitude's right now because they would now appear to be with limited obstacles and less struggle to be together.
I need not to remind you that your very reservations are based on the experiences you have had in the past with these
same kinds of verisimilitude's. You will pass on the real thing and a goood future to play chess and games with the false,
becuase it "NOw", appears to you to be struggle free. As your spiritual back ground has prepared you to know,
Satan Never show you its true nature when it first appear to you.
2.) You must be wise and not make future consequences based on the false perceptions you have of the here and
perceived Now. to pick your future based on the slick talk & the slick walk of instantaneous desires will come back
wit the receipts that you have made your mind on { when you are not acting on weak emotions)) avoiding in first
place. You must understand that a pool Boy brings with him what pool boys do, play games and leave the pool a
mess . while a man who comes as your companion , brings with him a security , sincerity that you always claim
is what you need and "want" . though it might be some struggle to get there. but that is life.
you are going to struggle in the beginning to prevent having to struggle through a end that will eventually be the end.
the struggle in the beginning will only strength the bond and consolidate the Love that will promise to grow with the
3.) You need to merely look at the red Flags that you continue to ignore and the past similarities to use to judge. The one
need not convenience you that you are the one for him and you for him. That Divine thing that aligned you towards.
that direction that you made consistent first contacts must not be over looked . If the Monarchs did not move from
North to south , as is their nature , As the neck & back is a road map to the stomach . were we are told they roll
4>) My advise for the other party, would be to leave you alone to play the games with the verisimilitude's you are clearly still not maturely over just yet. These inconsistent choices of women is common place. they always whine about
the type of Jejune they continue to attract , yet they always seem to leave out too , that they are also personally
pursuing these type of the vibes they put out and the game they issue. a Fly will not land and bury its eggs in a pile
shit with out the appearance of a future . However , if given a choice or option , despite shit being a natural fertilizer
and having good properties on nutrients , The fly would pass on the shit to bury its eggs in fresh food because
the fly knows once the eggs hatch , they will need immediately , a source f food . and no living animal will chose
sshit over food.
so Until this pen weeps again , Stayf♣c , and Stay LO♥€™


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