Aug. 8, 2021

My Scientology Success Story

by William Goehler (author's profile)


My Scientology Success Story

I have come a long way in my life thanks to scientology, LRH and a man I ment in 2017 at Mule Greek State Prison William Goehler. CDCR# K77832. I met Mr. Goehler when I walked into the chapel. I was not really looking for anything but, I found a 6 foot 5 inch (at least) man watching a video that had a huge Black Panther in a house. Now this video caught my eye only because Gus (the guy in the video) was trying to deal with this Black Panther and I overhead "to see something for what it is. Not to see something as some one else says it is, but to find our own truth. To see reality as it really is!! This caught my interest as I have an affinity with the metaphysical universe and multiverse. So to hear what I thought was alternate realities I was intrigued. So I introduced myself and asked what video he was watching. When Mr. Goehler told me Scientology, I was intrigued as I was told all kinds of stuff about Scientology like how it gave you control and I remember Tom Cruises interview on Opera. So I asked to learn more. And I was invited about the chapel to watch more videos.
Now, allow me to give you a history of myself. I was abused as an infant by my mom and tweakers she did meth with. I was burned with cigarettes and abused both physically and sexually until CPS removed me from my mom at 16 months old. Placed into foster home where I was abused more and placed into yet another home until I was adopted. I remember a Family

that wanted to adopt me but like all the other familys they said they would come back but I never saw them again. That is until I met John Ritter who adopted me at the age of three. This man gave me a great life, but I was drawn to the dark side of life. I started hanging out with 16-17 year olds at 10 years old and started smoking and drinking beer to be cool and I liked that funny feeling I got when drinking.
I started getting in trouble at school and used heroin at the age of 13 given to me by my older girlfriend. This started a really bad habit. I was always looking for power as a child I knew power was what was important So I looked into Satanism, White Supremacy, Anthing that I thought could upgrade my life. Then around the age of 13 I found Punk rock a music genre that reflected how I felt! I felt like I was all alone and no one was on my side! I found specifically a punk rock singger named G.G. Allin, man this guy could really understand what I was going through. He told us that while people hate us we hate them! He acted out my feelings. I began to hang out with a punk rock gang called The Outlaw Scumfucks and I found my family! They accepted me for who I was and celebrated my bad behavior. I got rewarded for being a fxxk up!
I got locked up and kept at it.

by the time I was 17, I was fully addicted to drugs, I did not realize until 2019 why I was sent to prison for possesion of meth, I was released in 1999 only to get put right back in for possession of heroin. I was using and did not want to stop. I told myself, I liked to part that's why I used dope.
Now, by 2017 I had been in prison for 20 years almost with only about 16 months between 8 different terms that's when I went to Mule Creek State Prison and I found Scientology and learned The Power I had been seeking had been the ability to understand life's paths. Fully understanding that control of myself and my environment or to be controlled by said environment if I choose would give me the self-confidence wherein lies the state of being called self-determinism is the power I was looking for. Power is control and control is self-determined understanding and understanding is knowledge and wisdom is knowledge applied, Scientology.

Now, I was still using drungs when I was doing criminon and the problems of WOM. So when I came to prison this time, I knew I had to change something. So I chose to stop using, stop fighting, and chose to submerge myself into Scientology to rebuild my life and the foundations upon something that means a lot to me. Scientology! I also sent a write up. To Joseph B. Riley, Ernestna Eichenlaub, and Chuck Sh at Criminon. I put it all on the table and got my ethic in so I could move forward with out miss or lies.
Since doing that course with Frnestyna I have learned so much about myself and I have learned to love myself. I learned I started using drugs to be accepted and thanks to William Goehler, I have been able to help others with Scientology Prison Outreach which is helping inmates that want a better life.
I also must thank Mr. Goehler for not allowing me to use justification for my past actions when I told him I was going to do the MAT Program (Medication Assisted Treatment) to help stop using. He congratulated me and then pointed out that Scientology is against all drugs and knowing my love of knowledge told me to pick a side. Now I have been clean for 21 months on 07-20-21. The only thing I use are Amino Acids for my work outs.


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