Sept. 23, 2021

The 2021 Fallen Officer Memorial Ceremony

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 9/12/2021 2:30:18 PM

When I think of the 2021 fallen officer memorial ceremony the only thing that will ever come to mind, is how Lt Carter disgraced the lives of these fallen officers and their families. This man was one of three officers selected by the administration of Union Correctional Institution (UCI) to attend the ceremony representing the Florida Department of Corrections and this institution. And this man, while thereto honor those fallen officers and their families, went out and picked up a well known prostitute. And prayed on her drug dependence by paying her with a prescription drug that was prescribed to him. And having the nerve to bring her back to the hotel room that the FDOC was paying for, and that she would eventually be found dead in. And if that's not bad enough, well you've got the FDOC assisting in keeping this out of the media. I'm not sure who former Lt Carter is related to??? Oh yes he was forced to quietly resign. From what I heard, he resigned with the promise of being able to return when this blows over. Who ever is keeping this quiet, well they've succeeded with keeping it out of the media. What they didn't do too good of a job of, was keeping it out of my hands. But because of my writing about it, this administration did exactly what I thought they would do, they retaliate. First they tried to censor my emails going out with this information. And when I over came that hurdle, well they set me up with a disciplinary report (DR) by placing tobacco in my laundry bag and then used that to suspend my visit's. Seems like Lt Carter was trained properly by an immoral and unethical administration. But like I've told them before, and I'll tell them again. If you want to stop me, you better be willing to kill me. And if your not willing to do that. Well your not willing to stop me. Because this type of retaliation is just something that I thrive on. It motivates me and drives me to fight that much harder. Yes because this administration along with its hand picked representative disgraced those fallen officers and their families, well I have to endure the hardships of this retaliatory behavior. Not just me but my mother as well. But that's the price you pay for standing up to these highly unethical and immoral people. Yes welcome to the wonderfully corrupt world of the Florida Dept of Corrections where they are disgrace to their badge, their profession and every fallen officer that they misrepresented at this 2021 fallen officer memorial ceremony. God have mercy! For this is one sick twisted Dept that needs overhauling!
Submitted by Ronald W. Clark Jr #812974
September 12, 2021


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