Nov. 11, 2021

Just Sharing My Thoughts

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 113/2021 6:01:10 AM
Well it's been a week since this hunger strike has ended. I'm just starting to feel a bit normal. My body was failing me those last few days. If I had tried to push it to the full 30 days, I wouldn't have any kidney's left. My urine turned black as burnt motor oil. But I also discovered that staff during this period was on another wing talking among themselves about lying and saying," oh we see Clark eating." and or planting food in my cell. When I heard that I laughed. They could say what they want, lie if they want, but what's going to tell the "Truth" is those labs and the daily blood sugar test that I was submitting to to show that I wasn't consuming any food. Which I didn't have to do. I also just discovered that when people started campaigning for me to have access to the kiosk, so I could get the critical update on my tablet and get the Wi-Fi back, so I could continue to have contact with family and friends, that the Warden respond to to all of y'all saying, "Clark isn't being denied recreation he could go to rec the entire time." Well that's not true. Co Atkins was heard saying I couldn't go to recreation while on the hunger strike. The two inmates who were upfront over heard him say that numerous times. Because every time he called recreation for them I'd say I want to go! And he'd say sorry but can't put you on the list. Yes I know most of you don't understand the unprofessional conduct and why lies are distributed with such ease, but this is the FDOC a monster in and of itself. Its no different than any other corrupt government agency. Its just that no matter what, we can't seem to get it corrected. And that's what eats at me every day. Because I have to deal with it, and on top of dealing with it, I have way too much time to think about its abusive nature sitting here 24 hours a day in this cage. Which drives me to fight for the changes that I want to see. Will I see them? Who knows! Will I stop trying? Never! Just wanted to share this with you. Please take care and never stop using for change. God bless you all.
In Peace and love Ronnie
Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974
Wednesday November 3,2021


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