April 17, 2011

In a Place Unknown

by Peter Ortega (author's profile)


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when your words and responses can encourage a person...
"In A Place Unknown."
Something I wanna try that I never have before and see how my viewers and readers respond, now therefore, like a ghost from the past in a dream eyes closed still awake aware of conscience of the surrounding noises I sleep with something in my mind that rose the depths of thoughts like an evil wicked monster; I see images and gue into play as I splashed into cold waters of a lake and coming up for air ascending slowing for the surface looking for land the moment I hit my head about water and see land and start forward towards the dry land still visible and I flap and kick in the water calmly figuring where I might be despite the grime I neared the land and exited the water laying flat on my back catching my breath touching the rubber layered diver's wet suit lost in thought to what was lost in my mind and the matter before at hand before lying here on dry land outta the cold waters of the lake, I rose and walked a distance canvassing the area of where I might be. Lost in looking around as a car rolls near and stops a man I have never seen says "Luckily I've found you, Mr. Ortega," startled I look towards the old grey-haired man say excuse me as he's ushering me towards an old model car I ask what is this, he says a favorite of yours what's wrong with you the Ford Model K you've purchased during an auction a year ago. As we're driving away I ask the man who are you he says you're joking right sir still looking at him I say I wish I was I'm still wondering where my clothes are and why I'm in a wet suit Mr., Mr. Hogan he replies and says dear you need t oquite whatever it is you do that you wish to never reveal Mr Ortega, now watching this as Hogan drives, we crossed streets not familiar to me at all bout an hours drive we pulled into a mansion I stuided house in surprise as we parked and exited the Model K Ford car looking in awe at the fixture of house while Mr. Hogan walked up the steps to the door where a maid stood waiting at the door yelling in excitement at our arrival saying you found him what was the secret man out doing now since he never reveals his outings, I looked and said lost walking wondering why I'm in this wet suit swimming for dear life in cold waters in who knows where, before I asked Mr. Hogan said oh deqar Lily get Ortega some coffee please and you Ortega should change into some clothes and be down ehre for dinner go now and change sir Lily will be up in a minute with your coffee you got a long night ahead of you and a lovely young lady to see to tonight so dress nice. I smiled my beguiling smile if you don't simply mind me asking what's the event I'm tending to with this lovely lady, some dance or something of some kind Hogan replied, while Lily appeared with steamed coffee and I gladly took it and went looking for the supposed room of mine in the mansion when I came to room that seemed to be the head of the household, that seemed to be mine, and gladly showered, shaved, and looked in at my reflection wondering how and why I came to be known to people I didn't know or remember, and how I came about a house this magnificent looking, one I'm in now, thinking trying to remember but nothing, only drew blanks, "And I'll find out more," till then I'll play along and gather along the way. Till then I organized and planned what to wear for this occasion and lovely lady Hogan had mentioned, as I thought I dressed in a nice suit, tied a black-tie, inserted shirt studs and cuff links with initials I took as mine put black socks and shoes and put a black vest and slipped on a single-breasted black jacket and viewed, my, my, my, I said looking at myself a full 5'8 looking ready for the evening, whatever it would bring. A dance was in view swinging when I walked in, the dance place was spacious and lovely a majestic style, the dance floor was like out of movie laid in a sunburst design with colorful rainbow-colored crystal chandeliers form the ceiling I spied a woman from the description Hogan had given me of this lovely lady named Miss. Elizabeth she was facing a mirrored wall standing with a couple next to table for four she appeared alone no escort deep in conversation laughing, looking at her she was in a long silk blue gown with a slit down to the nape of her back her hair long black with a tint of brown pulled back in a bun the hair looked fine and silky black with that she looked like she had much charm and now knew why Mr. Hogan said she had captured my interest, she stood tall nubile and lovely I guessed her to be 25, 27 judging by the couple she was with, her swan neck, smooth face eyes a golden brown, quite beautiful, attractive and very lovely. As a good song came on I walked up to Miss Elizabeth and whispered in her ear, would you please with me consent to dance golden brown eyes looking into a pair of mesmeric light brown eyes. She was smooth as I watched her completely stunned she recovered quickly but blushed and excused herself from the couple she was with as I grabbed her gently by her arm and a hand on her lower back and lead her to the dance floor, I slipped an arm around her waist took her hand and moved together to the music. I told her she was a good dancer she replied as you I said it's due to impress and watching my stepdad and mom while on the weekend, while we sat at home having our own dances to Marvin Gaye and war and Barry White but mostly to impress I guess when I need to, she applied dressing I guess is to impress too, no usually I don't dress for occasions but when I was informed you'd be here I thought why not. So replied that's crazy but also good I didn't expect you to come when you said you'd be gone on the weekend doing business. I was lost for words but recovered and came back, well I figured you were more than business and wanted to surprise you, she looked at me as I was a man of mysteries and smiled and tried to look past me consciously but was drawn to those incredible light brown eyes. I could see that was a sensation; a stirring she never encountered and she knew being face to face with him again he was even more attractive, she thought. As the music ended I stood there backed up ran my eyes from her, her shoes to the top her lovely done up hair and eye browns and said you are a very lovely lady Elizabeth, what brought yourself to me? Her reply was to get to know me better, and what was mine to her, that once I seen her I didn't want to let her slip by and now that I have her I hope she stays, before she could reply everything turned a fuzz and I drifted to a blackness...
To be continued -
Peter Luis Ortega


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