April 17, 2011

"Unknown Place": Continued

by Peter Ortega (author's profile)


Second Blog Post
continuing story.

Second part of the first blog post first sent...

Part One "In A Land Far Away"

Everything turned a fuzz and I drifted to blackness, as I drifted outta the blackout I jumped to a crunching position ready to strike like lightning, thinking what had happened and how I was where I am hardly aware of what happened before, but still had a picture in my mind's eye of the lady I seen Miss Elizabeth. As I'm looking around in a crunching position it strikes me in a mourning mist in the pearly light of dawn, with a strangely massive headache like when I awoke before, that much I remember and the lovely lady Miss Elizabeth.
As I advance forward in mourning mist dawn the fog parts to reveal woods and a giant medium sized boat or ship or some kind with seaweed fringed and from looking at the vessel where the seaweed fringed the vessel of the boat looked to be 100 to 150 foot long with brownish tan hull, a sound caught my hunter's ear as I glanced up and seen a man stood on a boats edge gazing and catching glimpse of me, me looking back at him, he says Aye Petie thought you got lost find anything on your look out there captain, I replied No. As he was dropping a ramp for a climb back on board, asking what was there to discover, I said an empty and no sight of strangers. The man replied good then we should camp and rest as he had been gazing into a small scope out at the ghostly sea and then pointed to the right as I said before she'll be a disaster storm best we sit let it pass. Tell then cap'o I'll get the boys and set out to see destiny for the day. From my surprise couple men from the ship appeared replying Ayo Cap, I waved, and looked at each man wearing different colored dyed robes with valuables attached and some were bare chested with sick of kotton kilts and floppy knit caps covering their wavy curled hair. As I filled my lungs with the smell of sea with the scent of land and trees and flowers I stared at the crew and noticed they knew their places well and started out oiling the machinery for our next sail, I noticed the rigging was next and very accessible. While anchor dropped and the crew unloading our night's stay cargo. The man I seen before was talking to another shipmate and I overheard him say a name "Puffs," I took that to be his name, as I watched and the skies lightened up I noticed Puffs was a muscular man, a face as weathered as our leather I seen with prominent cheekbones. As the men parted I told Puffs if he had organized a scouting party to stay aboard and go ashore he smiled and said he did and said I cap have not lost no faith in what to do and neither should you in a cap's assistant. I said good now we go and camp. As we hit land Puffs ordered men to set out and scout, I noticed the men probably after weeks on deck walked with a rocking but quickly recovered, the men searched the all and came back satisfied it was deserted only couple worn out lean-tos. Each man set fires and set out hunting for food with bowl and spears in hand. The day was spent with me soaking up knowledge of the people and our voyage and also very little question not to draw attention to my loss of knowledge on why I was here and how I was here, even that was a mystery to me and I sat loit and remembering Elizabeth thinking will I see her again, and how, and the need to, but for now I focused on the matter at hand thinking if I'll end up in another strange place and why I'll ending up in these places and what's the meaning, as I stood p and walked to a hill of rocks probing my fingers to barely visible leverage to climb I set up the side of the hill about a dozen feet above ground I turned and sat in a hollow rock and thought looking out to sea seeing the nightmarish storm whipping out the sea in waves and watched the men setting out next to the fire eating talking and some sleeping. I still sat wondering what to do so I climbed down the hill the opposite side I went up. After descending the hill of rocks I called Puffs cause I noticed a tunnel. In one of the fire, I started a torch and I and Puff walked to and through the opening it extended a good 20 feet before opening to a chamber. I lit several of those oil lamps I seen in pyramids that were hanging on the walls. While the lamps threw off a blazing light was a nice smooth-walled chamber in this tunnel with different tunnels to the left and right in the center where I and Puff were standing next to a circular pillar section that of hard smooth rock stood 4 feet high 5 feet in diameter next to the pillar of stone was a crate I pointed to it and Puffs looked in the direction of where I pointed and said well lookie there Petie O Cap we walked to the crate noticing it was a chest of some kind, we looked at each other in awe wondering what lies inside with a gleam from the light both ours I could imagine are eyes with a twinkle like we came upon some lost treasure, I broke the silence and told Puffs well now use that spear and lets a lookie in here chest shall we now. Puffs cracked the chest's lid on the first try I leaned into the lid lifting it and pulled back in surprise at the shine of gold and pearls and diamond, in the chest and look at Puff's reactions and he was smiling Aye captain the boys on the ship had little doubt about your captaining a ship but you showed your fearless, sailed day and night doing what most ships fail to do but when I saw you now I knew you weren't born of any sea sailings, but your judgment of seamanship in bouts of bad weather quickly and respectfully the men gained to trust you and you gained their respect now Captain they'll shall never want to sail another captain only with you on a boat's vessel like the one you got built for long-range open seas with vessels straight long and built from tough wood and hull thick and strong with sail square quilted for strength in winds in efficient tough seas. They trust your guide and respect your decisions. I at a loss for words not knowing this looked at Puffs and said with a stare at the chest of treasure finally said well I guess each man has earned a shares profit for their duty now including you Puffs flicking a coin of gold in his direction catching it he said our work here is down done Capt. let's get some boys and carry this to safety and Puffs directed some men to the chambers and carried the chest to the ramp of the ship while I sat and thought of what Puffs had said and without thinking yelled to the men that they prepare a fine meal, pass around some drinks and get a good night's sleep men, tomorrow we set sail. All the men yelled and cheered while I smiled laying gazing in the sky counting the stars forming a face of the one I saw last, Elizabeth. While I drifted off to sleep wondering what the next day will bring and I was sleeping...
To be continued.
Peter L. Ortega


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