May 1, 2022

A Cesspool of Misery and Torment

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 4/24/2022 2:28:23 PM
You know I've been trying to focus on the death penalty lately, and not so much on the FDOC and this administration. But to me its like a little kid that see's an aggravated and frustrated dog behind a fence, and the kid goes up and kicks at the fence to aggravate the dog. Let me give you an example of why I say this. August 2009, I'm in my cell P 1126 minding my own business, sitting at my desk working on my death penalty case. Haven't been filing any grievances when the administrative Sgt walks by, stops and comes back to my cell, where I'm sitting at my desk with my back to him, reading and minding my own business. He says "Clark I haven't received any grievances from you in over a week, what happened?" I responded , "I can fix that." I out my legal work up and I wrote over 20 grievances, that was sitting on his desk that next day. He then gets mad and sends the shake down crew to my cell and destroys my trials transcript's depositions etc. And I began filing more grievances. True enough I should have ignored the sarcastic remark. But he also should have walked by and left me alone. Now I'm pretty much leaving these people alone other than filing on unlawful and unconstitutional censorship which I'm about to file a law suit on against Jpay and the FDOC. Well what do they do but remove my blog from the contact list, on my tablet. People say you can't fight every battle. And my wife will tell you, that I don't fight every battle. She witnessed that first hand a few weeks ago during our visit. This female Sgt was trying to make visits as miserable as she possibly could. Well my wife and I went up and spoke to her and their other Sgt. They said "Well its not actually a rule, "but" and then went on trying to explain and justify the idiotic concept that she arbitrarily and capriciously created. When we walked away my wife said to me, "But its not a rule." I was like let's leave it alone. The next day during visit another female Sgt who thought she was so "smart" told us, "you can't do blah blah blah its against the rules." I responded, "No it's within the rules." And she got up to find the rules to prove me wrong," I politely said, "We don't need to see them, we're good." She said, "No I'm going to get the rules." Well it took her about 20 minutes to find them. She went back and sat behind the desk and went all through them rules. She didn't call us over there to show us the rules. Yes you can guess why. She didn't know what she was talking about. All day long she spent holding them rules fumbling through them like they were going to rewrite themselves. I told my wife, I should go up and tell her, "See I told you so." I Said that jokingly. It just wasn't a battle or point that I wanted to prove. Towards the end of the visit she used a male Sgt to pull me to the side, and say your violating blah blah blah. I asked what we did that was so wrong. He couldn't explain. I was like okay we will leave that alone too. O know people read my blog and essays and think "Why does he fight everything hen should pick and choose his battles." Well as I just described there three examples that I could have battles and I just let it go. True enough my wife is the most beautiful woman out there. And the officer's can't seem to take their eyes off of her. Even that female officer when she went looking for those rules, when she walked past us looked in into my wife's face, and you could see it in her eyes thinking god I wish I looked like that. And I think that's why they focused so heavily on us (my wife's beauty) for let's face it, its not a rule, "BUT" we're going to do it to mess with you because we really don't want to see a beautiful woman in here. This place is what it is, a cesspool of misery and torment. You've got staff that target you for one reason or another, they don't like you, or they don't like inmates period! And thus don't like inmates families who support the inmates. Or maybe they want brownie points from the higher ups who they know dislike you. These people have a divide and conquer mentality. And its not all of them. I was talking with a Sgt the other day who's leaving. A good dude! But just like me he's tired of the stupidity of the administrator's. And when he told me that, all I could say, "Was Okay, I understand completely." Because at the time I was trying to convince him into staying. Was talking with another Sgt who's also leaving for the same reason. And he said to me, "Ronald Clark needs to stay in Ronald Clark's lane, and leave these people alone!" I said " You know I can only stay in my lane for so long, for it's only a matter of time before these people do something stupid and I'm crossing over." We laughed and he said "That's why Ronald Clark has head on collisions." He hates seeing what these people have done, and do to me. But he also understands I'm going to standup for what I believe in. And it maybe unpopular, It may make people mad. But one thing about it, I did it my way, And It may not always be the smartest way, but no ne can say that I'm not trying to bring positive change to this severely corrupt and unethical department. No I've ot always done the right thing. And sometime I still get off course. But I've got an angel n( my beautiful intelligent wife) that gets me back on track now, when I drift too far into the other lane. Or too far off course. We need change for us inmates our families and the good officer's who are leaving as a result of poor leadership. Until someone smartens up, I don't see any good coming to this department that is severely understaffed. God bless you all.
In Peace and love Ronald W. Clark Jr. 812974
February 27, 2022


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