Oct. 3, 2022

Despaired Hoodlums

by Perrie Thompson (author's profile)


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Several hoodlums consume alcohol, drugs, and engross in numerous other object misdeeds as they congregate on a street corner in front of a decrepit apartment building. The occasion, customary incomprehensible delinquency, in response to despair, maltreatment, abandonment, low self-esteem and feeling unloved. Suddenly, a car speeds up making an abrupt stop in front of the apartment building and gunfire ensues.
Consequential, two of the hoodlums are killed and several others wounded. Within a few hours, several of the wounded and uninjured hoodlums return again congregate in front of the decrepit apartment building. The occasion, customary incomprehensible delinquency, in response to despair, maltreatment, abandonment, low self-esteem, and feeling unloved.

By Perrie Thompson

Please stop killing each other!
For too many generations, we continue the senseless cycle of murdering each other and doing life in prison. Why do we continue this destructive cycle?
We must break this cycle!
I am 35 years old and have been incarcerated since I was 17 years old, and man I can tell you.
"This ain't it"

These are the words of author and youth mentor Perrie Thompson. Perrie is from Los Angeles, CA, and once was a member of one of the most destructive gangs in America. He is currently serving a 50 years to life sentence in a California State Prison for first degree murder.

After years of self development, Perrie has completely turned his life around, and from his prison cell has dedicated his life to teaching our youth about the downfalls of gang members. Perries is truly heartbroken to hear about how our youth continue to murder one another, and hopes his story will deter out youth from going down the road to jail cells & coffins!

Perrie is the author of "Striving To Be A Failure, The Reality of Gangs, Jail Cells & Coffins". A gang awareness book that gives raw unfiltered look into the gang lifestyle (Available on Amazon)

Perrie is also the host of "This Ain't It" which airs Sunday at 7PM on DUTYVISIONTB on YOUTUBE.

Perris is on a mission to save our youth from another generation of self destruction! He encourages parents to join him by sharing his story with their children, and help us break this cycle of generational destruction!

The Marathon Continues

Contact us: Instagram: youthsave Email: Donnellt87@gmail.com


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XxkaylaxX Posted 5 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 4 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
Thanks for sharing and spreading awareness. I am touched by your mission and am thankful to all the change that comes about from your experiences.

Perrie Thompson Posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago.   Favorite
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