Jan. 17, 2023

WBNA Super Star Brittany Griner

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 23 Dec 22

Friday December 9, 2022 during day room me and a friend of mine was walking up and down the hall talking, well we walked by guys having some off the wall conversations where you question their sanity. He said, "You know these cells have sure screwed all of us up." I said, "NO truer words have you spoken." He went on to say these day rooms should have been taking place since we arrived. And we discussed how we wouldn't be so mentally broken had we had this little bit of freedom from isolation. Because we are all so screwed up from this long term solitary confinement. And then last night as he and I was watching the news all they can talk about is the release of Brittney Griner. And then some doctor started talking about how her ten (10) month incarceration had severe affects on her mentally. Both of us laughed about that. Ten months! Both of us agreed after 32 almost 33 years of solitary confinement, that we could do ten months standing on our head. I remember when everyone was so bent out of shape about covid quarantine and the minimum isolation they were experiencing, and we all sat back here dumbfounded over peoples reactions. They weren't locked up in a cage. They had all their freedom to move about, go outside drive around go to the beach park etc. And we said, if they struggle with those little bit of quarantine restrictions, they would hang themselves back here. Covid quarantine was a cake walk compared to what we deal with. And not just us guys here on death row, but there's literally tens of thousands of U.S. citizens sitting in isolation in prisons and jails throughout this country who are being mentally tore down!! And all they can talk about is WNBA Super Star Brittany Griner. Wow! The power of the mighty dollar! And I've heard well she is innocent, I want debate it, but this I will say, We've got a lot of wrongly convicted U.S. citizens sitting in isolation and on death row, some of which was not only wrongly convicted, but murdered in the death chamber. And one of these wrongful convictions is my friend and brother who I'm talking with, William Earl Sweet. Only difference between him and Brittany Griner is she's got the money and star powered backings to set her free, where my friend and brother is a poor black man struggling with this brutally racist and barbaric U.S. judicial system that doesn't give a damn about his life. Well I'm asking you to please contact the Director of The Conviction Integrity Review Division of the State Attorneys Office for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida, Director Ms Shelly Thibodeau email: CIRSAO4@coj.met and plead with her to review William Sweet's case. For he is deserving of the Justice that Brittany Griner got in a foreign country.
God bless you.
Sincerely Ronald W. Clark Jr.


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