Feb. 5, 2023

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by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)
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Jan 24 2023 Reply ID buu6

dear Brandi Larke,

Good morning to you it's the 24th of Jan last night I got your post I had just put out a few letters to advertise my land, Crazy...last yr I get in these Big White ENV. IH [?] A division order I 1st thought its a scam but for some I've talked to I figured it's my dad, but see he passed in 91. So long story short I have 115 properties, but I'll never visit them so I plan on selling some...why note...can use the $ right...I'll explain it all in time

So tell me how long were you in Love? Yes, we all get hurt, I've had my share I think most get love mixed up with lust...while I was in the Row I met 3 women All had exes...crazy [smiley face with squiggly mouth]

So what do you [?] as to meeting + establishing Love if it leads to this?

So you have a son, his name is? Why do you say he's made you far better? May I ask...can you send me a pic? they have what's called www.jpay.com

What do you put on the table


as 2nd chance? for me I'm like this, I put it all on the table I don't hide or leave important area's out...yes I'm curious even some -what a freak...I'm transparent + real...

What do you put in that it takes? So your in a relationship maybe just (friends) now maybe more later?

You belong to what sort of a club? At a university...your majoring in? 4th yr what? I had a lawyer who was a professor at UT he taught 1,2,3,4 yr students? I met + spoke to most which gave me a S.ct Re-versal in 2012?

So you take words + perspective from me? Like what?

Your how curious? Can I test the water so to speak? Have you ever kissed a girl? Whats the craziest thing(s) you ever done got away with or been caught?

Movies I like Clint Eastwood like the old Westerns,


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