March 5, 2023

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by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)
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(Oct. 3, 2022)


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Feb 18 2023

Dear Brandi, :)
Belated Valentine's to you. I wrote a reply to you on 1-25. I have to write it down in my calendar book they gave us from the Salvation army. It's a small blue book. :)

I received two replies, and one came from a website I was on. The other, a 53 Grayman in Ohio.

So what is your son's name? Still growing, an infant... He's made your life better. That's awesome. I love Eric. He just turned 40 on June 5th. He is still my baby boy. He has a son, Conner, I saw a while back. :)

God didn't ever say love once. It's who we meet and fall in love again. :) We all have had many second chances. I know myself have had many. But who knows. Maybe one day I'll fall in love again. Right?

Let me ask you: back last year, I began getting into energy companies. I was given lead/mineral rights in Racoon Bendfield, Austin, Walter County. I want to sell some, but I don't know what to ask. If I give you a few websites, can you email or call and ask what do I need to sell mineral rights? All I have is a property #. As to prop#:

Property name
W4322630 Austin, College (08884)
W4322638 McCasland, AT (10041)
W4323137 McCasland, AT (10018)
W4361282 Wilsom, JW (25321)

It says Acct 1200 for all four properties. Can you call 1-800-877-5122? Speak to account manager? This is Royal Clearinghouse (

Caddo Minerals
512-243-5507 free consolation
I'm the owner #835500. Give them my name and let me know.

I have two other energy companies: Cima Energy Inc., Enhanced Energy Partners Corp.

What do I need to sell my mineral rights? And how do I find out the size of land or acre?

Guy S. Alexander #1996573
French Robert Sou Unit 4
12011 FM 23522
Abrlene, TX 79601

Have them contact me if they want to buy these below!
W4361284 Wilson, JM (25507)
W4361336 Wilson, JM (27365)
W4361443 RB Miocene UT 3tr2 (27902)
W4361448 RB OU #27 tr4 (16091)
W4361456 Waterflood, UT
W4361467 Waterflood, UT
W4361468 Waterflood, UT
W4361479 Waterflood, UT
W4361489 Waterflood, UT
W4361505 Waterflood, UT
W4361521 Waterflood, UT

I want to sell mineral rights/land too.

Thank you, Brandi. Have a blessed day. Let me hear from you. :)


Print all this for me :)


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