April 17, 2023

Kealila: Team brown eyes

From Sean Riker: 100 Percent Innocent and Sentanced to 200 Years by Sean Riker



Hi Lila,

How are you? I cannot believe you are a grown woman now. As with Chloe, I cannot imagine you any other way than you being my small daughter. Do you think about me? Has the years made you forget our life together? I hope not. You were such a smart girl. Incredibly smart. I have two memories of you that I think about most. But I have a million memories... One time you were carrying around a novel all day, turning the pages, face in between them...you kept telling me it was a great book, and then I asked what it was about and you said, I don't know...HA! So funny! The other memory is of you getting in the SUV prior to us going to Walmart and I seen you stuff your pockets with quarters from the center console. I got in the SUV and looked in the console and said, Lila, did you take quarters from here? (I could hear the quarters in your pocket) and you said, NO! I swear! ...but I seen you take them when I watched you from the window of the house. All day you denied it and I kept saying, Are you sure? and you kept saying, I didn't, I swear! I loved you even more after that day. I never did get you to confess. I guess I could have checked your fat jingling pockets, but that'd ruin our fun ;.)

I love you, Lila. I always have. I always will. Love, Daddy

Sean Riker #567232
Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
POB 189, Phoenix, MD. 21131


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