April 18, 2023

Part two of my humiliation

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


Part two of my humiliation

Michael and Rosemarie

It pains me to have to air out my grievance's publicly, due to both of your emotional immaturity- especially yours Mikie - who I called my Little Buddy - But, sadly neither of you recognise the immortality and disrespect you been showing me as adults - which I know is due to others negative influence's to cover up their own faults - I should not have to point that out to you - but once more I will sadly point out my regrets of not giving more consideration to each of your emotional health - I mistakenly took for granted you knew of my love for you and that nothing - even the adverse circumstances that I knew, you were going to face could or would come between us - This was and remains my biggest regret in life - So - let me ask both of you this - does a monster get up in the morning to watch the TV programs - Sesame Street and The Electric Company with you while interacting with you and these programs? I did and enjoyed every second of it! You may not remember when I gave each of you a puppet - Mike, you got Count Dracula and Rosie, you got Cookie Monster - we shared many moments of me playing both of these two characters with you - we visited both the major museums in Chicago, a number of times and Mike, you wandered off from me for only a split second one time - and I, panicked and began shouting your name - I was ready to lock the museum of Science and Industry, down, until you popped up from around the corner responding to my shouts of Mikie!!! - Mikie!!! - I imagine you don't remember a lot of things - like the many times we went to Kiddy land and on the rides together - or how I always held your hands - we done so many things together that it would take awhile to list them all - let's see - the movies - fishing - boating - motorcycling - long rides in the car - baseball games - picnics - the zoo, a number of times - the woods - parks and playgrounds - Mike you had a Doberman named Pawser and Rosie you had an Alaskan Malamute named Patches - both very well trained to protect the two of you - I don't know how you are unable to remember how I would sing and play my guitar each night before you went to sleep! Especially "Puff the Magic Dragon!" and "Michael Rowed His Boat Ashore" So answer me this were my actions of a monster or a man that loved his children dearly - no matter the obstacles he faced that sought to come between us - I spent a lot of quality time with each of you, as I knew my days of doing so were numbered - yes - I had my mental health problems - I was never perfect - but, my love for the both of you,, has always been genuine - I failed to be the man I sought to be and I have to live with my failures for the rest of my life - But - why are the both of you punishing me??? Or are you not successful, well adjusted, adults your own selves???

Love Your Father - like it or not - Milo Rose xoxo


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