April 20, 2023

Part three - time to wake up...

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


Part three - time to wake up...

Michael and Rosemarie
Think Logically and You Will Find The Love!!!

Mike: I am not going to give up hope that you will come around to the fact that I am not a monster unworthy of the love you presently deny me. The key is your grandfather (V.) who I will assume became the most positive influence on your fatherless life. Something I am not surprised by since he was a positive influence on me too. Which gives you and I the common ground of appreciation in the love he shared with each of us.

You have been under the false assumption that I did not care what happened to you and Rosie due to apathy and selfishness. Right now all I can do is appeal to your sense of rationality, to understand we both shared the mutual love and appreciation for the most influential man in our lives. This, too, was no accident. Once you awaken to that fact, you will begin to see and understand the logic of what I am sharing with you.

I did my very best to plant the positive seeds in your mind to overcome all the obstacles I knew would haunt and seek to destroy you due to my absence to help guide you and further educate you to avoid the many pitfalls in life. I hoped when you grew older you would seek to fill the void of my absence through your grandfather. I am positive that happened.

Now wake up, my son. Stop acting on the emotions of a child missing the love, support, and guidance of your father. Come to appreciate. The spirit of my love for you and Rosie was always there. You just weren't able to understand my physical absence was not really my fault since it wasn't what I wanted. The negative powers that sought to destroy me and so far achieved that goal since you and your sister have been acting on childish emotions and not the rational of being able to give my love for you the benefit of the doubt!

I am not going to be around much longer, and it is time for both of you to travel down the road of emotional healing. All I can do is plant the seed to reach your logical selves. The rest is up to you as I sign off for now...

Love to you and for you
One Eagle

Your father,
Milo Rose xoxo


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