April 18, 2023


From Sean Riker: 100 Percent Innocent and Sentanced to 200 Years by Sean Riker


Date: 4/2/2023 3:31:32 PM

Hey wonderful peoples,
Beware of dealing with these people. Personally I think it's one person (diane@freebirdpublishers.com) that runs the entire show.

In 2019 I bought a book from her called Inmate Shopper. It's filled with interesting things inmates would be wanting. The transaction went smooth. And I liked the book.

It became old and outdated, so I ordered a combination packet. The Best 500 Nonprofit Organizations and Inmate Shopper for $43.98, Invoice 26576, order date 10/28/2022.

I received only the nonprofit organizations book. I emailed Diane and inquired. She was curt, "I sent it." That's it. Three words.

I wrote to my mailroom here. The mailroom sgt says, "Any mail sent went to you." I emailed Diane again and told her I didn't get it.

She emails, "I sent it. File a complaint at your prison." Verbatim.

I filed the complaint and while I wait for the Inmate Complaint Examiners response I email my sister, the person who ordered the combination packet, and mentioned the lost book. She goes on FreeBirdPublishers website and it say, "WHEN ORDERING MORE THAN ONE BOOK WE SEND THEM SEPRATELY SO THEY DON'T GET LOST."

WTF? So I email Diane again and tell her about what HER website says. No answer. A week later, I email again and tell her what HER website says. No answer. I'm courteous in EVERY email.

I get the Inmate Complaint Examiners response and her thorough investigation determined only one book was sent based on what the mailroom sgt said. Plus, the weight of the package and postage was that of one book.

I snail mail Diane the Examiners report, and I again reiterate what her website says about shipping one book at a time. No response.


I give you my word: if Diane had written to me and asked me for $21, I would have given it to her without question. But instead she had to steal from a stupid inmate.

It's funny, in the Inmate Shopper that I do have, she allows Inmate Reviews of businesses and of course she prints every complaint about them. But there's not one about her so-called business. And she has numerous pages in her Inmate Shopper advertising things she hawks.

Anyway, beware of dealing with Diane. She intentionally blamed me and was unprofessional about dealing with it. I just don't understand.


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