May 28, 2023

A Plea for Justice

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


A Plea For Justice
I spoke with some attorney's and an investigator, here on Florida's death row, on May 17, 2023, who have been assigned to my case by the State of Florida, to give the appearance of justice is being served . After 40 plus years I am unable to give the exact number of attorney's who have been assigned to my case to carry on the facade of representation, but I would estimate close to one hundred..
After a short while, the strong feeling of being mocked by these attorneys took over as one of them reminded me that the Governor was signing death warrants and I was asked if I was keeping a low profile...
The withholding of exculpatory evidence on the trial level in my case is overwhelmingly evident - yet none of the attorney's assigned by the State to represent me over the years have effectively or otherwise argued this to my dismay - leaving me to try and raise the issues showing / proving I did not receive a fair and impartial trial on my own - in a legal system rigged against me from the start !!!
One of the most blatant examples of this is when the trial judge ruled on my post conviction hearing after my death warrant was signed in September 1987 - that even if she threw out the raised ( tainted) evidence of blood and eyewitness's - there was still the testimony of the two alibi witnesses who she viewed as credible and that their testimony by itself was enough to obtain a conviction and therefore she would not give me any relief on the trial level, but would on the sentencing issues...
It took me awhile to begin putting the pieces together to explain this travesty of the law - since
I was not receiving help from those assigned by the State to be my advocates - One of the most damning things I learned was of another first degree murder case being up for appeal at the same time as me and it contained evidence of police misconduct by the same detective, I been saying fabricated evidence against me! Which is something the trial judge who denied me an evidentiary on the withheld exculpatory evidence in my case must have known among other things that helped support the fact I did not receive a fair and impartial trial in her court room...
The kicker to this other case that came up at the same time as mine is that the person wrongly convicted was the nephew of a prominent news anchor for ABC news and his case was receiving prime time coverage by ABC! So instead of there being two cases highlighting police misconduct at the same time - the blatant misconduct in my case was dismissed as harmless error and the other case received relief and got overturned due to the police misconduct that took place - ever since then the issues proving I did not receive a fair and impartial trial been blatantly not raised in my case above all my objections ...
There are other issues that came up at the same time as the case just mentioned - like another first degree murder case involving the same couple that testified against me - where another one of their roommates was murdered and they pointed their fingers at someone else and he got convicted and sentenced to death - while the withheld initial eyewitness's evidence in my case fits the male of this couple exactly - which suggests the misconduct that took place in my case that denied me the defence of showing how the male of the couple accusing me of the murder, fit the initial eyewitness's description and how their later description changed 180% to fit me...
So now, when viewed in totality the evidence showing the misconduct to obstruct the truth of my having been unlawfully tried and convicted begins to become overwhelming and there is still more evidence of misconduct coming out of the same court district that points to the cover up in my case - as there was two more first degree murder cases that were overturned due to exculpatory evidence pointing to another suspect in their case being withheld, resulting in their convictions being overturned...
There are even more things that suggest / point to prosecutorial misconduct taking place, like the couple who testified against me also being involved in another murder case before mine - which is information being withheld from me and not investigated by the facade of State appointed advocacy attorney's assigned to give the appearance of justice being served in my case...
I can only assume there is more damning evidence of misconduct taking place to cover up the fact I did not receive a far and impartial trial some forty plus years ago - and that is why I want the help of an Al, ( artificial intelligence ) program to help me put, all the pieces together to bring forth the glaring evidence of my innocence - which the facade of State appointed advocacy attorney's have worked against happening all of these years...
My death warrant can be signed at any time and unless I receive major public attention to the glaring miscarriage of justice I have suffered and endured all these years - I will be murdered / executed all in the name of justice - while the truth of racketeering to cover up the evidence of my innocence stays hidden and goes in punished !!!
Thank you to those who read this and take positive actions to bring the truth to light -- Milo


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