May 30, 2023

My Being Denied Due Integrity of the Law

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


My Being Denied Due Integrity Of The Law

The prosecuting attorneys responsibility is to protect the integrity of the law not to obtain convictions by any means ...

So why haven't ( any of numerous ) attorney's mandated by the State of Florida to provide me with advocate representation over the past 40 plus years, aggressively and vigorously, pursued the overwhelming wealth of experience pointing to the prosecutorial misconduct that took place in my case ? Resulting, all the way around, as a major travesty of the law ! Since the the States attorney's assigned to protect the integrity of the law - have been derelict in their duties as well by wantonly allowing the prosecutorial misconduct at the trial level to be suppressed !!!

Let's review just two of the numerous examples of prosecutorial misconduct that took place in my case.

Number one : The initial eyewitness's description of the person they seen commit the crime of murder was suppressed and they were allowed to change their description 180%, supported by a highly suggestive photo array !

In support of these accusations two important pieces of evidence that were suppressed do to being withheld from the defence are the police reports from the first officer on the scene of the murder, were not turned over to the defence on demand for discovery and because of this the evidence this police officer recorded and reported was never revealed to the defence ! This evidence that was withheld revealed, all the eyewitness's described seeing a white male with dark brown hair and possibly a thin mustache, commit the murder !

The second piece of evidence suppressed through not being turned over to the defence, is the withholding of the tape recorded statement's by the eyewitness's taken by a detective at the police station - again all of them describing seeing a white male - with dark brown hair and possibly a thin mustache, commit to murder. Something this detective would fail to menton in his testimony during trial as he bolstered the eyewitness's 180% change of their description of the perpetrator that of a dark complexed male with long black hair and a full beard ...

You don't have to have a law degree to understand how the withheld evidence showing the 180% change in the eyewtness's description of the perpetrator of this crime, prejudice the defendant from receiving a fair and impartial trial ....!!!!

Another piece of evidence withheld from the defence was the blood test results of samples taken off the defendant - which revealed there was only one blood type found on the defendant at the time of his arrest and was not the blood of the victim as inferred a number of times at trial...

The jury was mislead to believe the evidence of guilt was overwhelming and totally undisputable - due to the withholding of the exculpatory evidence of the prosecution - thus denying the defendant a fair and impartial trial ! Now the fact that over 40 years later, this travesty of the law due to the withholding of exculpatory evidence has not been ardently argued by any of the State mandated attorneys assigned to represent me on appeal shows a complete failure of the States legal integrity in protecting the letter of the law... Amounting to evidence of racketeering through the obstruction of justice since it also includes the failure of the States attorney's to come forth to rectify the initial prosecutorial misconduct !!!

The fact that even now as this evidence of my not receiving a fair and impartial trial is expound upon, may be falling on deaf ears, means my death warrant can be signed with a high probability of my execution taking place as the State succeeds at covering up their criminal behavior...

Help me make my case to go viral so the evidence of my innocence can no longer be suppressed and after 40 plus years I can finally bring forth the evidence that vindicates me of any kind of murder...

Thank you, Milo Rose


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