Aug. 13, 2023

Salt Lake City Sara, My Love

From Sean Riker: 100 Percent Innocent and Sentanced to 200 Years by Sean Riker


So lemme tell ya about Sara... We met in Salt Lake City, Utah in the fall of 2008. We had a brief whirlwind love story and conceived our first son, T-Rex (nickname for anonymity), and he was born in 2009 to us. I cut his umbilical cord with my teeth, just joking. I used medical scissors. But I did eat the placenta with fava beans and a nice Chianti. Joking again. Or am I? ;-);-);-)

We parted ways in 2009 as we were going through some stuff in our lives. But during this wrongful conviction, we reconnected and have been a constant in each other's lives ever since. Unbreakable.

Destiny is a funny thing. Back in 1994 one of my exes and I were on the run from the feds due to us being serial bombers in St. George, Utah (stinking child molester Mormons). Anyway, the plan was WHEN we were caught, I'd take the blame. She'd get out and stand by my side during my incarceration. I had my sperm frozen at a cryogenic facility on the west coast in 1994. She was going to father my kids while I was incarcerated.

Turns out she wasn't my Ride or Die chick.

No, our plans took a turn for the worse when we were caught. The feds threatened her with a life sentence if she didn't turn on me. And yah, she flipped.

All of these years my junk remained frozen and then Salt Lake City Sara Riker:-):-):-) comes along and turns out SHE was my destiny and my Ride or Die chick. Turns out my junk was meant for her/us. Our four kids have blessed us beyond my wildest dreams. We welcomed our daughter, ABR, into this world and she truly changed our lives. Who knew a whirlwind love story would turn into a lifelong love letter?

Funny thing, the one I thought was my Ride or Die chick, the one who knifed me in the back, even though I was going to take the fall, died last year after suffering an ailment. That's karma.

My karma is good karma. I'm wrongfully convicted. My karma is love, and a huge family, and my afterlife soulmate running with me in greener pastures.

Thank you, Ride or Die Wife.


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